A body prayer for peace and love


It is my deep belief that if we care, impeccably for our own body and wellbeing, then it becomes easier to relate to and care for others. I can’t help but think that any outward act of hate or violence comes from a disconnection within.




Like many, my heart is broken over the tragedy in Orlando this past weekend. And while I know every single day brings some kind of tragedy, when something this public and massive happens, I do think it is our responsibility and honor to recognize and reflect.


Before I go on I want to put this message in context.


Right now, I am writing to you from my peaceful mountain home in Vermont. It is a beautiful clear day. My kids are helping shovel dirt into our new raised garden beds. We feel a relative sense of peace and safety. That is a privilege and honor and luxury that I do not take lightly.


However, with my current privilege and place on the planet, I have not always felt or lived in safety. There is no comparison with safety. I used to feel guilty that my lack of safety wasn’t as bad as other people’s lack of safety, but the truth is, if you are not safe, you are not safe, period.


I have lived through trauma, and because of that, have dealt with full blown anxiety, panic, and PTSD. The first few months of this year was a particular peak of that experience, and I took my healing very seriously and deeply. Somehow, with a lot of moving parts, I have come through and am different than before. I have lifted my baseline of OK-ness, I am not living in activated consuming fear like I was, and in fact, I have been given a huge gift of massive love that I am floating on these days.


I believe in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, and in connection with my passion and purpose to help people heal, it is my serious and delightful responsibility to be a steward of that love right now.


So this is a message of love.


That said, I would like to offer you an out…


I know that when I was living in the state of consuming fear, anxiety, panic and PTSD, despite being a “positive” person myself, being someone who diligently looks for the silver lining, who believes whole heartedly in love and goodness, hearing people’s affirming positive talk made me want to puke. It couldn’t permeate the barriers of living in survival mode.


So if you are there, I’ve been there, and I meet you there.

I honor that space. It is not one that you can just flip a switch and get out of.

Feel free to either close out of this message, or read it only to discard it.

Totally Ok.


And, I’m not there now.


So I speak from here, with such immense gratitude for that raw and rugged journey.

From here…I tell you a story, and offer a prayer.


Allow me to set the scene….

Last Saturday night, I happened to have a super rare night out. (I’m a mega introvert so being home with my best beloveds is a mighty fine way to spend social time for me!) But that night, I happened to be on the road, in good company, and invited to go dance, at a gay bar, as part of the city’s Pride celebration.


Like the folks in Florida, I just wanted to dance.


I wasn’t afraid of not coming home (though when I was IN fear, I couldn’t go to the grocery store without being afraid of what might happen.)


I had a fantastic time, moved my body, smiled A LOT, giggled at all the rainbows and glitter, reflected on how far the LGBT community has come, and opened my heart in hope and expectation that further progress will be made SOON.


We are all human. We all have beating hearts, a pulse.

There are so many waves of reaction to this event.


Here’s what I have to offer…

Let your beingness, your embodiment, your presence, the very movement of all your limbs be a prayer. Let each breath be one of complete reverence. 


We all process grief, fear, anger, love, all of it differently because of our past experience, our perspectives, our hopes and dreams, our plans. But on a physiological level, it’s all the same. Cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin…


You have a choice.


MOVE whatever energy you are feeling, whatever YOUR STORY is, through your body with awareness.




Get on your yoga mat, get your trail running shoes on, pick up those heavy weights, or that baby. Get under your bed covers, in a hot shower, in a cold river…


Whatever you can do to get into your senses.



Really, do this. Don’t let this be an email you glance over, think, “hmmm good ideas” Please act. Do some act of body love, and let it be your prayer.


FEEL the mechanics of your movement.



Just picking up your water involves an infinitely complex series of cellular events to accomplish.

You know this, (and this boarders that fluff speak I was afraid of communicating) but you are truly miraculous.

You have such power to heal.

And the ripple effect of that… also infinite.


My request of you today, dear tribe, and I am in this with you, is to create a prayer in motion.

It could take 1 minute or 1 hour or the rest of your day and night. It is your presence and tapping into love that matters.


Tune into those body sensations of whatever movement you are doing until you truly feel the subtle rhythm that IS YOUR LIFE FORCE. THAT is a luxury and honor, a gift you can give to uplift the vibe on the planet right now. It is a responsibility those of us who are capable have. Join me in that movement.


And to support the process, in case there are tears, in case there is fear or rage…I offer those words.


Please let this movement

be a direct experience of love

let it be a dedication to all of those who are suffering right now

let it be a healing tonic to the suffering ringing in my body

in my cells


Please let the movement of my body

be supported


held in the big love of hope and light

so that I may have more to give 


Please let all of my pain be met with sweet relief

and may my actions, my practice, my presence today

help anyone who is in need

be they close or far


And if it is me who is in unbearable suffering, let the love light in

let it soak into the spaces between my cells

and allow even a bit of that love

to move me one step closer to peace

to understanding

to BEING that love

And so it is

Dear one, thank you for you. I am here.

I would love to hear what you are doing today to uplift your vibe, to meet your pain, or to pay it forward if you are feeling the love.

Comment below and let’s amplify the healing together.

In it with you.


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