A message from the dark side



How much of your time do you spend feeling stressed, frustrated, confused, angry, or in physical or emotional pain, and how much time do you spend feeling authentically happy, excited, turned on, or have a sense of inner ease?


Of course at any given moment, if we really tune in there is probably a wide array of thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

But what are your habits?




Even “positive” thoughts and feelings can have “negative” effects.  It is hard to label thoughts and feelings as positive or negative, that really down feeling you have could be the catalyst for something amazing, etc. (Caveat: for simplicity sake, and to make a point I’ll call some positive or negative, as they may be typically classified.)


That optimistic or hopeful feeling you have, that positive affirmation, that focus and drive may actually be dissatisfaction with your current situation, so even when you are looking forward with sunshine and rainbows, you are stuck in a storm.  Again, that doesn’t make it bad, it just makes it confusing in your system.  This is just one example, of course the ways this could show up are endless.


Why does this matter?

When your system is confused, your body does weird things.  There is a visceral disconnect.  Your body and mind aren’t on the same page.  This is why sometimes you get a different message from your body than from your mind.  Your body may be saying “MOVE ME!” and your mind may be saying, “Sit on the couch and eat the ice cream.”  And this can go on for a long time and before you know it you are dissatisfied, and feel like crap.


So what to do?

Honor your “Shadow Aspects,” the feelings we associate with darkness, like anger, pain, resentment, disappointment, and fear.  When you try to avoid these you end up handling them in twisted ways.  For me I have used my strength, tenacity, and optimism to process these things, but sometimes, I overlooked completely allowing for the Shadow Aspects in favor of using what felt like more familiar, reliable, and positive qualities.  Of course I would want to use those, why wouldn’t I?


Unprocessed emotions get stuck in your body and fester and infect your daily habits, your decision making, and your physical health.


Your emotions have a chemical/hormonal structure.  Stress (simplified) is cortisol and adrenalin, happiness is serontonin, etc.  These chemicals when released need to go through their entire “life cycle” in order to be fully processed.  Kind of like when you eat food, you need to bite it, chew it, swallow it, digest it, absorb the nutrients, and pass the waste.  Think of emotional digesting in the same way with their chemicals.


There’s a huge step we miss too much of the time: the complete digesting and then passing of emotional waste.  So like if you and trouble digesting food this can cause constipation, diarrhea, or other health issues.  When you don’t fully digest your emotions there are the related health issues.


The emotional residue becomes toxic in your system.

So it becomes super important to know what your feelings truly are.  


This complete digesting happens in the dark side, the shadow.  In my journey to the dark side, I traced some of my feelings, like frustration, disappointment, and stress that felt pervasive, and discovered that they were actually weak mutations of stronger more powerful feelings like anger.  Here’s the kicker, those strong dark feelings aren’t bad, they have their own power that can really inform your system.  They are there to show you a full range of human experience, they are there to show you when you are “on” and when you are “off”.  This becomes bad when you ignore the power of the feelings, numb them down, mutate them to become more tolerable, and then live with them.


Your body can tell you where you have stored these emotions, although it may take a bit of exploring to discover their nuances.  


Take some time daily to scan your body and simply notice the sensations, and then get curious about the sensations.  That chronic pain in your hip, ask why it is there, and keep asking until you can get past your habitual mental answers, and start hearing the subtle (or not so subtle) emotional undercurrents.


Track your sensations daily, and throughout the day.  Become a master of your sensations and their roots.  Allow for a full range, and notice when you are distorting your experience.  Move your body.  Wring out the build up of past emotional habits that have caused build up.  Clear the way for new mental, emotional, and physical habits.


This, my friends, is a huge key to actually feeling awesome in your body.  It isn’t about never feeling “bad”, it is about having the capacity to feel it ALL, completely, and keep going.  Utilize the depth of your life experience to be empowered.  Use your empowered self to take impeccable care of your body, your body will continue to reward you with energy and health.



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