A revolutionary way of being in your body

14225629_10153893161506188_3808588284139260530_nThis phrase, “being in your body” sounds a bit ridiculous.


Where else would you be, while you are a living human at the moment? You are here, a living human, BECAUSE you have a body.  



And yet I hear this all the time in so many ways:

“I don’t feel present.”
“I don’t feel like I am living in my body.”
“I left my body.”
“I want to come home to my body.”


What is going on here?


It has to do with presence and perception, attention and awareness.

It has to do with BEINGness. We are human BEINGS.


That lived quality, that sensational experience.
It can get lost when your senses are dulled.


This dulling can happen because of boredom, trauma, because of habit or what you saw others do. It can happen because you weren’t taught to expand and fine tune your senses. It can just happen because of inertia.


The good news is that you can shift this.

I believe your whole BEINGness WANTS to be felt, wants to be expressed.

Wants to be EXPERIENCED.


You can unravel the patterns in your system keeping you from feeling like your SELF and create a new groove of movement that lands your presence, FULLY, here and now.

THIS is embodiment.


But all that “stuff” is in the way. Pain, wounds, experiences that impacted you negatively.


The healing story does not have a beginning, middle, and end. It is spiral and vortex, it is complex and paradoxical, it is a flippin roller coaster oxymoron of hell and bliss. It is endless plateaus. It is gritty growth. 


It is falling flat again and again. It is healed, like D O N E and re-opening wounds. It is accidentally tripping right into your triggers when you thought you had that shiz handled. It is realizing you didn’t when you thought you would.


It is deep breaths and not being able to catch your breath. It is sacrificing the thing you want the most. It is being stronger than you want to be. 


It is collapsing into and then soaking in support. It is looking for support and not finding it and BEING with that scary, silent loud aloneness. It is being paralyzed when there is too much. 


It is wanting it all and running fast, up mountains when you finally hit some energy and traction. It is big breathy smiles, arms flung up, deep hollers, and face in the sun. It is ease in having a meal without worry. It is sleep.


It is committing to it all over again when you are out of whack. Healing, my friends, knocked me on my ass today. This is the journey I help my clients through. I can do that because I do this for me. 

Dear ones…this is important awareness. This “being in your body” thing, isn’t new age, it isn’t woo woo, and it isn’t optional.



We lose so much function, we lose clear decision making, we lose the capacity to relate with integrity, we lose the full feel of our authentic self.

It is time, time to apply awareness in action, time to truly BE in these beautiful bodies.


If you have questions about how I can help you through this process, just shoot me an email at admin@jessielucas.com.




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