Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga is a form of yoga that uses a fabric hammock as a prop for traditional yoga poses.  In some poses  the body is fully supported by the fabric, in some bodyweight is shared between the floor and the fabric.  There are many benefits to using the fabric including understanding a pose more clearly because of the support of the fabric, decompression of the spine, and improved posture.  We are not looking to accomplish acrobatic feats, but to use the body positions and breathing to find ease in the body, calm the nervous system, and gain well being.  Like in traditional yoga the postures vary from easier to more advanced, Aerial Yoga is appropriate for all levels.  No acrobatic or yoga experience necessary.



aerial pigeon website        aerial handstand website        aerial downdog website


I am so excited to bring you this practice.  As fancy as it looks, it is actually quite easy and accessible.  Change your relationship with gravity, decompress, and experience the deep release that the fabric provides.


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Sessions will be held at Vermont Sport and Fitness.  

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