A New Perspective on Stress

headshotWelcome to a new perspective on Stress!

I have a feeling you would like to have a new perspective on stress. Good news, the information here will give you just that. After reading this you will have a new way to act when you don’t need to re-act, and you will have a way to have some control over your own reactions. You have more influence than you think on this inherent mechanism in your body. Are you ready for a new perspective? Are you ready to not let stress drag you down?

Stress isn’t all that bad!

Now, I know that stress feels bad. Stress itself is not bad. Stress is our body’s way of handling particular situations, and stress has its symptoms to let us know that this is going on. This is good news in many ways. First, because our body has reactions we are able to function in stressful situations, if there is something scary, we have the muscle energy to run, if we need to focus on healing we won’t biologically be focused on reproducing. And by feeling the physical sensations of stress we have a built in alarm so that we know to not only deal with the reaction, but to get to the heart of the matter. This is what we will be diving in to in this post. Enjoy! 

How I see stress…

Stress is a natural state, with purpose in the body’s functions. Sustaining this state, as so many do becomes toxic. I look at the concept of stress from the point of view of how comfortable and connected we are in our bodies. I look how at the demands of lifestyle contribute to stress in relation to our natural desires and instincts. Our emotions, our life choices, how we react to stressful situations, co-create our health. When we make choices in our lives, and with our emotions there are consequences.

Our bodies have a point, or points, different times and in various situations, that they can tolerate more or less of the biochemical milieu of the experience of stress. If we go unaware of the buildup of the physiology of stress within our bodies, when we do not have a way to release this, when we do not stop and make different choices to then affect how our body experiences stress, our body does it for us. Once we have surpassed our own threshold, we begin to experience signals that we are being pulled away from vitality. These signals often come in the form of physical pain, tension, or some other physiological mis-alignment. 

Here’s what you can do…

Start by becoming more aware of how you react to stressful situations and when.  Notice what your specific “symptoms” of stress are.  Do you tense up your shoulders?  Do you experience shallow breathing?  What are your body’s signals?  Start with these.  Once you notice them you can start to undo them, this then sends a signal to your body chemistry to start releasing from the stress response.  Stay tuned for more posts on tips to Stress Less NOW!

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