Awakened Body – what can save all this pain

We are in the midst of a body awakening. Women everywhere are experiencing physical and emotional sensations in more and more intense ways. In the past, when this rising up has swelled, we have been told to be quiet, to conform, to stuff it down, to “be strong” and carry on.


We are POWERFUL beings on this planet.


You have probably heard this quote by the Dalai Lama:

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”


We have a luxury, honor, and privilege that many humans don’t. Most of us can take time to go to a yoga class, to share our views, values, and family celebrations on social media, to have groceries delivered if that’s what we choose.


Here’s the thing, despite the freedom we have, if all that emotional residue is stuck in our body systems, we become toxic. 

When your physical and emotional bodies are toxic, you risk disease, brain fog, reaction based decision making.




Basically: Hurt people hurt people.

When YOU are hurting, it resonates, radiates, and perpetuates that pain.

And my goodness what pain is spread across this planet right now, soaked into all these bodies.



SO…will you join me in a movement?

Will you make the decision to dive through the layers and take epic care of the emotional tangles and scares that are shaping your physical health and informing your overall wellbeing?

We NEED healthy, clear, empowered women NOW more than ever.

You have a brilliance within you.  And if you’ve been feeling anything less than brilliant, then it is time to get unstuck, time to unwind, untangle, re-align, and strengthen your SELF.


How? From my perspective, it has been a PAIN to budge our stubborn monkey minds. We are SO bogged down with old subconscious mental patterns that run deep + overwhelming new stimulus. It’s crazy making!


I have found a way that bypasses that mess and goes straight to your primal nature, straight to your heart and the heart of the matter. It is a direct connect to re-wire your nervous system for vibrant health.


Curious how this could work for you?
Cool! Thought so!


Check out the Work-With-Me page to read about this Embodied Movement System!




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