The big move

20227335_10154769889301188_1047702498_nThe big move…where I’ve been!


Hellloooooo!  Ohmygoodness…if there’s one thing being away has shown me is that I miss connecting in conscious conversation, embodied movement, empowerment, and just all around elevation of beingness!  I am so excited to update you on what has gone on the last 3 weeks!


If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve moved!  I sold the home I’ve been in with my boys the last 13+ years and headed off the mountain to the capital region of New York to live with my love.  We combined 2 homes into one which was a LOT of work.  And honestly, I’m still surprised at how smoothly it went.  We took 2 days to move her place and 2 days to move mine.  We were in the new home for 2 days before I took off on a quick turn around trip to Denver, CO for a Nutrigenomics business conference (my current obsession!)  Only to return not to NY but to NH to join her annual extended family vacation for a week.  


It was wild to uproot, touch down long enough to unload, and take off again.  We were (almost) completely unplugged in NH as cell service and internet were super spotty.  


Now back at the new home and creating a new groove.  As you know, I made some intentional decisions around my work to align with this move.  I said goodbye to long time local clients in Vermont and cut back on how many Embodied Movement clients I had.  I knew this move and transition would be a LOT – and it was.


I came home from Denver with a sinus infection (flying gets me almost every time!), which my kids ended up getting from me, and hit some Real Estate snags with the sale of the VT home which are trying to trigger major stress reactions in me.  


These intense moments in life always remind me how NECESSARY embodied movement practices are.  I’m still experiencing difficulty – BUT I’m not being TAKEN by it. I’m not spinning out into the craze that it could be.  


That’s the thing…LIFE HAPPENS.  I was just telling a client this morning, I don’t think the point is to eradicate negativity, fear, stress etc. Those are energies of life just like joy, happiness, humor…I think the most powerful thing we CAN do is to have conscious reactions to whatever our days bring.


Our default setting as humans is reactive.  Action = Reaction.  And because life is messy, the way we react is also often messy.  Crappy stuff happens from a young age and that information gets stored in your nervous system which are the pathways of those reactions.  So automatic reactions are programmed based on crappy data.  


This feels horrible.  We end up not feeling like ourselves, or not liking how we operate.  This definitely takes a toll on your health.  

The good news is that this can be re-programmed.  With new data you can set conscious re-action patterns.  I’ve done it myself and THIS is what I teach my clients.  


So now I’m using all my own tricks of the trade. I’m working my own work as I build this new life rhythm with intention.  


I am being careful to notice my energies and emotions.

I am being mindful of the thoughts I’m having.

I am moving my body in ways that are aligned with this unique moment of recovering from being sick, putting out a ton of energy for the actual move, and desiring to up my own health game.


I wouldn’t know how to do that without Embodied Movement techniques.

For more on these techniques click HERE




What’s lurking under the surface

“I can’t get started.”
“I’ve tried before.”
“Something else is going on.”


Have sayings like this looped through your mind before?  Maybe not these words, but think about it a second…if you pause and take a breath, you know there is something lurking under the surface that is keeping you from feeling how you want to feel in your body, in your very being.


It is part of the human condition to carry emotional scars, the physical and energetic imprints of your life’s events.  It’s how your body systems operate. It is not a mistake, it is a built in safety mechanism.


Your muscles, your body chemistry, your hormonal, and other biochemical patterns fire based on memory, based on experience. That is your emotional and kinesthetic INTELLIGENCE.


The problem is that all too often during a particular circumstance the emotion isn’t completed either because of overwhelm, resistance, or a protective shut down of the nervous system in the moment and those “firings” go haywire and operate on repeat even though they are no longer necessary.


Now your body systems are operating inefficiently.
And regardless of your attempts, you simply cannot make progress.


You are literally stuck in old loops.


The GOOD NEWS is that you can use awareness and conscious  movement to change these patterns.


Cool body operations like neuroplasticity help you literally shift gears from old patterns to the creation of new ones – new ones that are nourishing to your health, that create healthy body and emotional results, and that just feel good.


It is for this exact “lurking under the surface” issue that I am offering a “Movement & Energy Assessment”.


This is a powerful one-time-session designed to give you access to the underlying patterns that are ruling your emotional and physical health right now, do some effective in the moment shifting of gears, and create a unique-to-you movement blueprint to give you continued improvement and results.


This is one of the most overlooked pieces when it comes to setting yourself in motion and one of the most important things that is keeping us operating in ways that are depleting and perpetuate sabotage.


Want to see what’s included?

Go here: Movement & Energy Assessment


This is a small and powerful package that will be laser focused on what will make the most difference in having your body’s energy fuel you!

On this page you can see what is included and book your session.


This is a temporary offer and I’m only opening up a handful of spots.  I typically work with people in longer term contracts, so if you have been curious about this work but not ready for the commitment, THIS is the option for you, but it won’t last long!


Got questions?
Comment below or email me at!


The new approach to fitness resolutions

IMG_4593As a personal trainer it would drive me crazy to see the January influx in the gym.  While I could celebrate that all these folks made a decision to take better care of their incredible human body, I knew that most of them would fall to the naturally built in way your body responds to change.  And the thing is, this mechanism that makes you quit all too easily is actually helpful, and surmountable.  Let me explain…


When you decide you’re going to exercise, or eat better, or start a new healthy habit, you get a jolt of inner excitement.  This comes with a hormonal cocktail that give you all the juice you need to get yourself going. You feel really great about your decision, you blast through any preparations needed to get moving, you are all set and good to go!  This isn’t invisible energy, it’s bio-chemistry.  


You make your initial moves fueled by this juice. However this hormonal cocktail is not sustainable.  It’s not meant to be.  You’d literally go crazy all hopped up on this stuff all the time.  Your body is wise and knows this, so it tones down the dose, but with it goes all that motivation.  You are now left to other devices to keep you going, and most of us don’t tap another resource.  We just don’t feel up for it.  


THIS is where you actually have all the leverage.  

Tap another resource and you are part of the 1% that keeps going and makes the change that makes all the difference.


So what is this other resource once the hormonal cocktail runs dry?


Well, this isn’t a single other resource, it’s a whole other cocktail of fuel for you.


This is a composition of your connection to the vision you have of the direction you want to go, a tap into your personal empowerment, support from someone who can hold the line when your grip gets weak, and riding the hormonal waves.


It is helpful to look at this composite resource in individual facets, though they cannot truly be separated in experience.  Over the next few days I’ll be breaking this down to help set you up for a January that could really change the game for how you feel in your body, and how satisfied you are in the process of making changes.  


For now, chew on this little illumination – the new approach to holding to your health (and fitness) resolutions, intentions, goals, or desires is knowing that when you start to loose steam or resist that THAT is when your body, your neural grooves are adapting to the new way.  Knowing that is often enough fuel to get you through the low feeling.


How does this resonate for you?
Have you been through this before?
How are you looking ahead to how you want to feel in your body in the coming year(s)?


I want to know! Comment below and tell me what your plans are body wise for the new year so I know to support the tribe!

It’s all in your nervous system


You know when you try to make a change in your health routines, or in your life and you just keep hitting the same loops over and over again…that’s because those patterns are wired in your nervous system.



That’s how you are designed, if you didn’t run on habitual loops it would take a TON of mental energy to get ANYTHING done.  It’s intelligent human design. AND it can get you super stuck.

There are many factors that influence those patterns that get embedded in your nervous system.  

You are wired to survive.  When life starts happening and your survival gets challenged your nervous system has to reroute to adapt to the circumstances.


Things like general stress to acute trauma trip that wiring and initiate patterns that create a body armor – a protective layer that keeps you safe.  This happens on the physical, emotional, and energetic layers.  You can feel this as tension, pain, panic, emotional reactivity, or just a sense that something is off.  Of course there are many many other ways that this could present.

The good news is that there are ways that you can bring things up from this subconscious auto-pilot level, make changes in those nervous system patterns, and then ease back into your groove, running on new loops.


This “trick” is also built in to your human design, however it takes the ingredient of AWARENESS to use it.  

There are effective and efficient ways to facilitate this “re-wiring” – Embodied Movement is my favorite, and the way I work with my clients.


I’m sure you know this feeling – storing all your stress in your body.  You probably have a way you feel this, either tension in your neck and shoulders, your jaw, your low back…well that’s just surface tension.  Your whole life’s history is stored in your body systems from superficial to deeper layers.  

Embodied Movement techniques allow you to MOVE through the layers, locate and bring hidden patterns of sabotage up to your consciousness and shape shift them.

This is often a very satisfying process because you’re body shape shifts too.  Your body is currently molding itself around those stress, pain, and trauma patterns, when you clear those up your body takes a shape of greater strength and ease.  



THIS is the New Years Resolution news you’ve never heard before.

THIS is the switch that can flip your body & energy experience around.

THIS is a whole different way to approach your body practices so that they truly suit your health needs and heart’s desires, so you can get out of inertial and stop spinning your wheels!


Curious how this could work for you?

I’ve got a few options for you.


If you want to hear more about this unique Release Realign Strengthen & Refine system of Embodied Movement, and you have questions about if it could help your specific situation, you can book a complimentary consultation here:  Schedule a Consultation with Jess!



If you have a quick question, email me at!

I’m here for you 100%



Awakened Body – what can save all this pain

We are in the midst of a body awakening. Women everywhere are experiencing physical and emotional sensations in more and more intense ways. In the past, when this rising up has swelled, we have been told to be quiet, to conform, to stuff it down, to “be strong” and carry on.


We are POWERFUL beings on this planet.


You have probably heard this quote by the Dalai Lama:

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”


We have a luxury, honor, and privilege that many humans don’t. Most of us can take time to go to a yoga class, to share our views, values, and family celebrations on social media, to have groceries delivered if that’s what we choose.


Here’s the thing, despite the freedom we have, if all that emotional residue is stuck in our body systems, we become toxic. 

When your physical and emotional bodies are toxic, you risk disease, brain fog, reaction based decision making.




Basically: Hurt people hurt people.

When YOU are hurting, it resonates, radiates, and perpetuates that pain.

And my goodness what pain is spread across this planet right now, soaked into all these bodies.



SO…will you join me in a movement?

Will you make the decision to dive through the layers and take epic care of the emotional tangles and scares that are shaping your physical health and informing your overall wellbeing?

We NEED healthy, clear, empowered women NOW more than ever.

You have a brilliance within you.  And if you’ve been feeling anything less than brilliant, then it is time to get unstuck, time to unwind, untangle, re-align, and strengthen your SELF.


How? From my perspective, it has been a PAIN to budge our stubborn monkey minds. We are SO bogged down with old subconscious mental patterns that run deep + overwhelming new stimulus. It’s crazy making!


I have found a way that bypasses that mess and goes straight to your primal nature, straight to your heart and the heart of the matter. It is a direct connect to re-wire your nervous system for vibrant health.


Curious how this could work for you?
Cool! Thought so!


Check out the Work-With-Me page to read about this Embodied Movement System!




Desire map journey + starting a fire

I got broken up with last New Years Eve, my grandfather died, my business tanked, things are different now (glowing!) but first…let me take you back….


Like many conscious, heart centered, forward thinking, driven women I had seen the Desire Map book and workbook floating around the circles of wonder women I hang with.  


One day, when choosing my next self-development resources, because I’m a junkie, I decided that THESE were the resources I NEEDED NOW!  It was less of a mental decision and more of a movement from within.  I had a deep, gut feeling that the wisdom on these pages were going to help me break through some mega frustrations I was having.

Life felt OFF to me.  


I was working HARD. Working hard in 2 businesses, working hard raising my kids, working hard in a relationship. I’m a stubborn Aries, I’m good with hard work. But honestly, I was exhausted and so tired of working hard and not feeling good about where it got me, and STILL something big felt off.


So I started reading “Fire Starter Sessions”, then immediately went to “Desire Map” and come winter solstice last year took 3 days to dive heart first into the Desire Map Workbook.  


I found the alchemy of desire meeting achievement, because I discovered the missing ingredient.  


Although I am a super self-aware person, I hadn’t done a self check on what I really really wanted in a good long while.  I was pouring myself into big projects like businesses and kids and partnership, I thought I knew my core values, but what I didn’t know, because I was so focused on other people’s feelings, were my CORE DESIRED FEELINGS.


I had no clue how I actually wanted to feel.


I knew I wanted to feel “good”, “better” even. I wanted to glow, to radiate, to have health and happiness, to stress less and cook more delicious food.  But what the real deal feelings were that I CRAVED…I had no clue that I had no clue.


These resources set the context and ask the right questions to uncover what’s really in your heart and set you on a course to LIVE it!  


So here’s what happened…After my Solstice Session with the Desire Map workbook – and you guys, this is deep and powerful stuff, it was ritual.  You can do it how you want, but I’ll tell you, if you truly engage the process, it WILL set fire to your desires.  


During that ritual I made a pact with my SELF.  I committed to getting anything out of the way that wasn’t aligned with my core desired feelings.  


Within days, things started happening.  I can’t say the initial shift was easy or fun. Initiation transformations rarely are. They’re gritty and rock your soul.  That’s how growth and evolution happen…the seed cracks for new roots to seek nourishment, and new shoots to reach for the sun and flourish.  The cracking can hurt. And for me it did.



I was release from a relationship that I was deeply committed to, I lost my last grandparent, my business tanked for a while, and I hit both high anxiety and PTSD I also didn’t know I had.


I know I’m really selling this here, but listen up…what that did was realign my life.  


This process got me to admit to myself what truly felt authentic to me, and got me so in tune with that that anything that wasn’t that started falling away.


You guys, this uncovered such brilliance.  I’m still working my tail off. I’m still struggling in many ways.  But I now have a more deeply aligned purpose in my work, and magically (I swear it was magic!) I have the most amazing love in my life, love that makes me so grateful that I allowed all that grief and that fuels and fills me every day.


The books and workbook started the process, and the Desire Map Planner keeps me connected to my core desired feelings and on track to align all my actions and to-dos to these feelings so I’m not OFF anymore!


The main question is: “What will I do to feel the way I want to feel?”


Want to get your self aligned for 2017? Now is the perfect time!  Use these last less-than-2 months to do the deep inquiry, then keep yourself aligned all year.


I feel so deeply that this powerful set of tools is a game changer that I became an affiliate for Danielle Laporte’s shop.  Check out the resources I used to change 2016 for myself and the rest of her beautiful gear here:


This is the planner I use:



You can find the books and other goodies here: Danielle Laporte’s books and online shop!





Got questions about my experience? Hit me up!

Comment below or email me at

I’m an open book, happy to share!




Emotions & Movement (Honest and Messy)





We humans have developed such a funky relationship with our emotions.



Over time the role of emotions has evolved.



We used to be more intuitive and use them as a useful sense, a guide, a compass. Now, for most of us, between storing so much pain from very real life circumstances, and a culture that tells us continually in overt and covert ways to stuff ourselves, stuff down the flow of emotion in order to get stuff done, we have no idea how we feel, and so do not properly process them.

Emotions to need to be processed. They are molecular, bio-chemical, and your awareness has a LOT to do with this processing. 


When your awareness is not aligned with the truth of your emotions, the emotional experience has a funky influence on your health and sense of wellbeing. That funkiness can show up in a number of ways. Some of us have habitual modes we unconsciously slip into, and sometimes it depends on what is going down.


This funky juncture between the emotional happening and where you put your attention can be MESSY. When the emotions are sloppy and raw it can feel like a blender with the lid blown off and smoothie splattered all over the counter, the walls, and the ceiling. The mess is hard to clean up because the emotions are just everywhere. They’re choppy, hard to handle, hard to look at.


Emotions can get stuck. The process of their flow just halted as a defense mechanism to just not deal with the impact for fear of it’s consequences.


Emotions can be blocked. There may be a build up of emotional gunk and residue from previous unprocessed emotions that holds up the flow of a new emotion.


Emotions can be confusing. Sometimes the emotion you feel doesn’t quite line up with your understanding of what’s happening. When what you feel and what you are expected to feel (either from yourself or others) aren’t lined up in a “normal” way, that confusion can be disorienting.


Emotions can be overwhelming. This is one of the most common emotional experiences. Emotions are INTENSE, they are a LOT! It’s part of their nature. And because we have lost our unfiltered relationship with them, when we get hit with a big wave, we go right into overwhelm.


Emotions can feel inappropriate. Occasionally we experience an emotional reaction that feels like wires must have gotten crossed somewhere. What we feel is not at all what we “should” be feeling based on what is happening. When this happens, there can be a whole cascade of things like shame, disbelief, sabotage, and anxiety that can add pain on top of pain.


Emotions can feel unwanted. Emotions don’t show up at convenient times. They often give you a slap of dealing with the most impossible waves of feeling at the hardest times. This wishing it weren’t so adds resistance which mucks up the whole emotional process even more.

So what the heck are we supposed to do, when we, as humans, have gone so far down the rabbit hole of not relating to our own emotions? 

We move with awareness.



Emotions are fluid, they NEED movement. Physical movement.



When you can get your body’s energy circulating you have a good chance at cleaning up some of the mess, shift what is stuck, dislodge a block, clear up confusion, settle the overwhelm, accept what feels inappropriate, and drop resistance to what is unwanted.

Movement literally makes room in your body, in your being for the natural flow of emotion.

When emotions can flow, process, and complete they feel true, sensory, connected, resonant, satisfying. 


Movement can even transmute emotion, it can turn nervousness into excitement, anger into empowerment, grief into compassion. 


These emotional experiences: flowing, true, sensory, moving, connected, resonant, satisfying, THESE are evidence of right relationship with emotion. 



If you are curious about how this works, and if you are at the right time and place in your life for an approach like this, then let’s have a conversation. You can book a complimentary consultation with me here:

Book an Awakened Body Breakthrough Session


During this powerful opportunity we will:

*Identify the types of emotional experiences that are affecting your physical health

*Uncover the natural pull of health, vibrancy, and vitality in your body systems

*Create a clear plan of action for you to move forward and feel a shift



These breakthrough sessions are highly transformational in and of themselves! I LOVE hearing feedback from women after these sessions of what uplifting and deep in the bones changes have happened, usually pretty quickly!


I’d love for you to experience this!


Of course if you have a question, email me at!
I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Here’s to moving with your HONEST and MESSY emotions…


buzzwords: Empowerment & Embodiment

Empowerment. Embodiment. 



Why these buzzwords these days?


Aren’t we all just whole and beautiful beings?


Aren’t we enough AS IS?


Aren’t we all of who we are and nothing can take that away?



Well, when it comes down to it, probably, yea. BUT…

Is that how we all walk around feeling all the time?


Is that our day to day experience?


I’ll tell you, for me, heck no. And I doubt it is for you either.


I crave more brilliance. Less stress. I know I have bigger bolder badass things to do. I believe, darlings, YOU DO TOO.


So no, I cannot MAKE you empowered. I don’t have something that you don’t. I can’t give you something you don’t already have. I can’t even love the way. BUT…


I can hold witness.

I can give effective guidance.

I have journeyed and picked up tools from yoga, fitness, bodywork, academia, motherhood, marriage, grief, life…

I can hold a light for you when you can’t see in the dark.

I can help you sift and sort your moves and mindset so you stay on track and don’t get lost.

I can teach you techniques that will help you navigate your health needs and hearts desires. AND…


I can show you how to integrate your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies so that you can EXPERIENCE EMPOWERMENT & EMBODIMENT. 


Meaning the groove of your life feels spot on to you. You feel it in your muscles and bones. You see it in your passion and purpose. THIS is the lived body.


Let me hold this process for you.


If you are ready for deep down in your cells change…WE NEED TO TALK.


You can book a complimentary consultation here –> Book a complimentary Consultation with Jessie

I believe connecting your conscious awareness to your body’s wisdom is the most powerful tool to resolve many issues in your body and life. 


If you have a question send me an email at!


the value of being present in your body

I’m working with a few women this week who have some very specific needs, and have come to me for support because they are fed up with spinning in circles, having done a ton of work to get where they are and feeling SO stuck and just KNOW that their issues are stuck in their tissues.

As I was listening to their stories and feeling into what would be of most service, and how their situations integrated with the work that I do, I decided to look back on some client notes, and some of the research I’ve done and create a list of the value that my clients receive.


When I stood back and looked at this list, I was stopped in my tracks.


See, coming from the fitness and even the yoga world, there has been so much focus on “results”, and those results were often measured in pounds lost, strength gained, or hamstring flexibility (did someone say downward dog?!)


While these are super valuable, the reason I do what I do is because of the deeper layers, what’s going on under the surface. So from this deeper point of view, I share with you my list. It’s a work in progress, and it’s definitely not finite, but it feels like a valuable creative process, and I’m happy to share it with you!



Value my clients receive:


-Setting emotions in motion

-Developing an Empowered Body (to support your big/badass creative work

-Releasing pain – physical, emotional, & energetic without retraumatizing

-Rewiring nervous system to operate in Empowered Health

-Increase your impact – because your aligned body is on board

-Live into the thought leader, trail blazer, change maker you are

-Release creative, emotional, and physical blocks

-Contagious Presence

-Resetting patterns and habits to move you (out of inertia)

-Undeniable confidence

-Increased energy to fuel your unique muse

-Capacity for bigger bolder moves in life

-Stop self sabotaging that keeps you moving backwards

-Inner and outer strength, flexibility, and resillience

-Embody your purpose and passion to create living results


What are we doing?

-Resetting old patterns stored in the layers of the body – physical, emotional, energetic – making way for:

-Authentic Beingness

-Purpose Work

-Creative Thinking

-A body of work, or personal mission to come through

-Unhooking from old patterns, stuff that isn’t yours or no longer serves



Potential Results:

-Feeling at home in your body – embodiment

-Ease around and resolution of health issues

-Increased energy, vibrancy, and vitality

-Decreased systemic and experienced stress

-Decreased tension

-Release from triggers – not from coping or dulling the senses, but from re-routing the triggered pathways in the body

-Shape shifting the body – this could be in the form of weight, muscle tone, flexibility, pain reduction, posture improvement, etc.

-Dissolving blocks that keep you stuck

-Creating new neuro-muscular pathways, emotional habits, and energetic support to nourish and sustain your upgraded, lived body



Now, if any of this buzzed in your body, I’d LOVE to share more!

I’m currently booking complimentary consultations to discuss this work further and to see if it is a fit for what you are going through in your body.



If your sparks started to sparkle, you can book a time to talk here: Schedule a Consultation with Jessie



As always, if you have questions, or want to share your story or reactions to this post, just comment here or send me an email at!



unraveling – when your body tells you to slow down

I have a confession to make. 2016 has been a year of slowing down for my body.


I have let go of my workout routines that were fueling me until this year. I have been way less diligent about being consistent or getting a sweat on. I have lost quite a bit of my strength. I have been unraveling. Here’s why…


At the end of 2015 I embarked on a deep inquiry. Something felt OFF in my life, I could feel it in my body and I could no longer ignore the pull in my heart. I used Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map book and workbook to help me discover how I truly wanted to FEEL. When I uncovered some deep truths and fully committed to aligning my life’s action steps with those personal truths, everything started to change.


Here’s what it’s meant for my BODY…


It mean’t I had to do some UNRAVELING. Restrictive and sabotaging patterns from my past were stored in my nervous system, they were being reinforced and repeated with every move I made.


I had spent years building the health, flexibility, resiliency, and physique that I had. I had a dedicated yoga, meditation, dance, and fitness rhythm. And I let it all go.


Now, I’m not being a complete slug. But I HAVE softened quite a bit. I’ve lost muscle tone, my belly is a bit rounder. I don’t feel my fittest.


But what I do feel is a deep release, and a welcomed relief. I had to get down to these layers, drop those physical patterns that were holding form to a flow of emotional habits in order to rebuild.


And NOW, m’dears…I’m feeling the spark and sparkle of Empowered Health. I’m wanting to move in new ways, and I can feel that those old patterns just don’t exist in my body systems anymore. What a flippin cool sensation!


Here’s the thing…most of us skip over this step. The unravelling.


14875201_10154025235701188_1888878607_nThis step is different for everyone, and different at various times in our lives.


It is also different than complacency, than laziness.


It is a bit indulgent, and honestly, for me, a type A go-getter, it was totally awkward, but because I’m super in tune with my body’s needs, I KNEW it was NON-NEGOTIABLE.




So, I just wanted to tell this little story in case YOU are in an unraveling of your own, so you know it’s ok, it’s part of a very intricate and wise body process.


And…if you are in a shift, if you are craving aligned feelings in your body and life, if you are tired of spinning your wheels and just want to know what to do next, how to move so that you don’t hit the same emotional walls and you DO achieve actual physical results (like less stress, more vibrant energy, less pain, more resilience!) then we need to talk!


I offer a complimentary consultation to discover where your body systems are locked into old loops, and to create a unique-to-you plan of action to unravel and rebuild!


Sound exciting?!?! I thought so! You can book your free consultation here: Schedule a chat with Jessie!


I can’t wait to see what powerful shifts await on the other side of unravelling!


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