Inside Out Fitness – the secret to getting unstuck

I found these notes from my Masters Thesis today. They reminded me that I am still SO in love with my body of work. AND these particular cards speak to one of my FAVORITE pieces.

They show that there is a multi-dimensionality hardwired into your body.

The geek-speak of it is that there are parts of your brain, nervous system, and muscles that are intricately connected and meant to be utilized.

This system is so beautiful. When I visualize it creatively it looks like a sparkly circuitry with sensory data (the sparkles!) FLOWING in multiple directions, harmoniously, simultaneously.


BUT…when it’s not functioning optimally, or properly, those sparkles get dim, or dark, and they clog up, or even stop flowing in places.


When THIS happens, YOU FEEL STUCK.


–> That might feel like STUCK in your body, with pain or strain, or stuck in a health issue, or stuck trying to make a change and it’s just not budging…


–> This might feel like STUCK somewhere in your life trying to make something happen, trying to break through in your business, trying to get a creative or passion or purpose project out there…


–> This might feel like STUCK in relationships, miscommunication, or not being able to BE YOURSELF.


The MOST POTENT TOOL to tune up this internal network is PRESENCE.


I have heard this SO many times…”I don’t feel present.”


When you can hunker down in some sweet and satisfying presence you get to DECODE your sensory information from your body, your BODY’S LANGUAGE, which will tell you how to MOVE in order to facilitate flow in these systems.

Cellular programing for set back or success

Somewhere in your cellular programming there is a version of you that you haven’t experienced yet. Maybe there’s longing. Maybe there’s vision. MAYBE THERE IS DEEP DARK DESPERATE DESIRE.

Somewhere in the energy flowing through your muscles that makes you want to move…

Somewhere inside your bones, in that magical marrow that makes life sustaining cells…


Somewhere in that intangible soulful sparkle of YOU…

There is a version of you that NEEDS to be embodied & experienced. It’s a FORCE OF NATURE.


It’s YOUR nature, your natural growth, authentic self evolution, actualization.




BUT. You get stunted, thwarted, distracted, did-eased, discouraged. The voices of negativity, the experiences of grief and sorrow, the weight of stress GET TO YOU. 




That sparkle isn’t gone though. It’s there. The flame can be fanned. The muscles moved. The life force amplified.

What is hiding in your body that has you in lockdown mode?

Hey there lovely…

I was talking to a colleague this AM about this “inner work” thing and what it means. We both were saying how it is hard to describe what it is we actually DO, It was easy to say “I’m a yoga teacher” “I’m a personal trainer” “I’m a bodyworker” People understand those things.


What I saw in working with people’s bodies, is that there was a more subtle layer that was being affected. And that these people’s RESULTS kicked in when we tapped THAT layer.

So now…I’ve flipped the way I work with folks inside out.

We trace our way in to the subtle layer so we can be super specific and effective on how to use body practices (MOVEMENT!) to shift gears, flip switches, unlock tensions and energy that are on lockdown…

See, what happens is that these patterns are hiding below the surface, they zap your energy, they keep you running in loops that keep you from realizing your full potential.

When you have a mission, a big body of work, an opus, a book to write, a speech to give, a leveling up in general in life, this LOCKDOWN MODE will restrict that, and you need to free it up in order to fully experience the rewards of letting your YOU out!




Your sensations are the key to your body’s language.
They are the code to unlock your body’s wisdom.




MOVEMENT is the tool to create new grooves.

AWARENESS is the way to make the tool work to upgrade your body patterns, rather than further facilitate lockdown mode.

You are not broken

Loves, it’s all about *ALIGNMENT*


We FEEL broken when things are OFF.
When we feel like something is missing.
When we are so beaten down and exhausted we feel like we MUST be broken.


Truth is: you are resilient beyond belief. 



THAT is what is broken. The belief.

The feeling. The lived experience.

Your experience is not aligned with your truth.





We have been inundated with this whole “change your mind” “change your perspective” magical life changing healing thing. And when you’ve tried to set your sights on how you want to feel and you STILL aren’t experiencing it, you start to feel even MORE OFF. 


And worse, witnessing others turning their health and life and success around.


Here’s the thing. We are embodied beings. We are kinesthetic. We have this amazing biological circuitry. And sometimes that power is SO strong it creates a limited container and that mind stuff can only stretch so far.


Stretch your BODY and your whole experience of your SELF EXPANDS. 


Your physical cells give the electrical impulses that command how you feel.


Your bio chemistry is the main ingredient of your felt sense of NOW.


I’m not saying we are limited to our physical experience, but that we cannot ignore it’s strong influence and that we MUST take responsibility for this.

Your body is designed to feel GOOD

When my main gig was straight up personal training and teaching yoga, I witnessed these amazing, under the surface, changes happening in my clients.


I would quietly watch as we went through the motions, seeing their confidence bubble up, seeing their posture and self perspective lift in front of my eyes, hearing their deep relief combined with elated excitement as they reported that pain they had been in for YEARS had subsided, (knowing it was because their alignment had shifted and was now supported by strong &flexible muscles.

What was really happening is that they were finally EXPERIENCING themSELVES as they were meant to live/feel.





We are creatures of nature. Nature is designed to LIVE FULLY, to be completely expressed, to grow, to evolve, to thrive in surviving.




Loves, know this…although aging is natural, the level of degeneration our culture is experiencing is not. We exacerbate our own deterioration by living in toxic levels of stress and compressing the functioning of our body systems.



This is changeable. Your body is malleable. Your neurology is plastic, meaning you can melt those hardened patterns and reshape them.



This thriving to survive is essential if you want your essence to radiate, if you want your message to have impact, if you want to FEEL & EXPERIENCE the passion that is uniquely yours.



I used to think that just getting by was enough, and that anything more would be judged because I “should” be working harder, doing more busy work, getting things DONE. What I know now, is that I am more productive and help others in bigger ways by feeling good in my body.


It does no one any good to deplete your life-force, to be living in perpetual low energy.


What it’s like to work with me 1-1

I am SO so sooooo inspired with my current clients right now!!!

They are all having major breakthroughs after having gone into their body wisdom and getting through some depths of the issues they came to me with.


I am currently taking new clients and realized that it is probably not clear what it is I actually DO with my clients.


This isn’t typical personal training, it’s not general life coaching, and it’s not therapy either (though it feels a bit like a mix between those!)


In working with me, I guide you through experiences that connect your conscious awareness to your body’s wisdom. 


I explain that in more depth in this 5 min video:


I guide you through body practices that help you: 


*Release tensions in your body and body stories that have been looping in your system.

*Realign your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies for greater ease and energy

*Strengthen around that new alignment so it doesn’t take effort to maintain, gives you a resilient fuel, directly from your movement and muscles!

*And refine the whole process, honing your skills, getting more specific and subtle with the results you are getting



I was just reminding a client this morning that although I am totally here for her, that I will continue to guide her and help her develop her body practices, that more importantly… I am infusing her with the techniques, skills, and kind of awareness that will help her continue do navigate her health needs accurately and with ease for the rest of her life!


If you are tired of spinning your wheels, tired of inertia or lack of motivation, OR so FULL of motivation that it is time to ACT and be efficient and effective and BE MOVED…then we need to talk.


You can see more about this body of work here:

Embody Your Purpose



Got questions? Email me at! I’m here for you 100%



What is it going take to shift your body/emotional patterns & energy level?

There is a paradigm shift around how we operate in our bodies. There is a flip to take care from the inside out, and when you do THIS…things change…




Energy is either moving or it’s stuck, stifled, compressed.


ALIGNMENT – physical, emotional, & energetic – of your body either facilitates healthy flow of your energy, or blocks it.


*The flow = vitality
*The stuck = dis-ease

*Embodied Movement resets the alignment to get unstuck and to allow for flow


Stories get stuck in our body systems.

In our neural grooves. In the way we move. In the sentences we speak and don’t even hear ourselves say.


Sometimes you can make up your mind to change them. And sometimes your silly lizard brain just keeps doing what it’s doing because that’s what it knows how to do. It gets caught in survival mode and you repeat the biochemistry of those stories like your life depends on it. Because in some ways, it kind of does.


But your conscious mind, your frontal lobe knows better. That sweet soft spot in the middle of your head (that may very well be a direct line to the cosmos, spirit, your vibe detector, pituitary gland – whatever you want to call it!) FEELS it. MAKES you FEEL.



And then you act. You MOVE. You shake up your nervous system, disconnect that old school wiring, upgrade your vibes, and slowly or suddenly, you’re living a new story. That old one is “released”.


It’s practical magic. It’s YOU co-creating your experiential reality. It’s physiology and emotion and awareness. It’s LIFE. Lived.


If you are wanting to create a groove of movement that unravels the pains strains and tensions in your system, that aligns your body so that you can breathe deeply, and radiate your authentic vibe, and uncover the version of you that can be so so satisfied in success…let’s chat!
I have a couple of spots open for 1-1 clients right now. 
I had some MAJOR breakthroughs with clients this past week that have me seeing an even BIGGER picture.

When your body is turned on, your cells FUELED, nurtured, nourished, your biochemistry puts you in a place where you can be of MASSIVE SERVICE.



You can book a complimentary consultation with me here:

We will tune into your body stories, we will find the locations that energy is knotted up in your body, we will create a guide for a unique-to-you plan of action that you actually will do, with JOYFUL responsibility.

Got questions? Email me at
I’m here for you 100%



Food, water, and movement

Loves, MOVEMENT is not an option.

We are ALIVE because we move. In eastern traditions movement is seen in the essential category along with food and water. It is how our cells FUNCTION. If our cells aren’t functioning then that ALIVENESS is compromised.


Unfortunately, for most of us, normal daily movement doesn’t fire us up, it doesn’t nourish or nurture us, it doesn’t stimulate emotional flow, it doesn’t de-clog our emotional gutters OR our arteries.


Putting INTENTION into movement shouldn’t be a chore, it shouldn’t be a burden, it shouldn’t be an issue.


INTENTIONAL, functional, fluid, fueling, FUN movement can be, NEEDS to be DEEP CARE. And in the essential category.


Yes we can rest, yes we can take days off, like one might fast.

BUT, we cannot ignore it completely.


So many things have messed this up for us, our communities, cultures, industries, families, individual relationships, self-sabotage, jobs, lifestyles, opinions…It is no wonder our relationship with movement is a tangled mess.


It is our job, our JOYFUL RESPONSIBILITY to untangle this, to follow the flow, to allow our LIFE FORCE, chi, energy, vitality, our zap our zing, our vivaciousness, to MOVE!

Ready, set….

What’s it going to take?

What knots are in those tangles that NEED some support, an extra set of hands to loosen?
What are you willing, wanting, craving, needing to look at, feel, move through so that you are IN the flow?

I’m here, let’s talk!

Hit reply… let’s have a conscious conversation right here and change the game!

Want to chat personally? Put your name in my calendar and we can discuss a tailored to you plan of action!


–>Book that here:


During this conversation I will listen to your story and give my professional perspective on a plan of action to untangle, de-mess, de-STRESS, and MOVE into empowered health by creating a unique rhythm of effective & efficient movement that fuels you.



I can’t wait to see this shift in action, where movement is nourishment.



to your vibrant health,

Body Conflict and Resolution

Hey loves…

I’m feeling tender this AM, so hunkering into a soft and quiet space to write this to you today. Something has been VERY apparent to me, in my own experience, in conversations with colleagues and clients, and in my observation of bodies and beings.

You may have heard me say, my “super power” is x-ray vision.


I tend to “see” where there is conflict in the body.


Meaning…I have a heightened sense of where energy, emotions, muscles, and fascia (connective tissue) are tangled and not allowing for a full range of (e)motion, fluidity, flow…

THIS is conflict in your body. You get physically, emotionally, and energetically stuck.


All the mindfulness practices in the world may not be able to budge that dense collecting of conflict.

This is not to say mindfulness is wrong, or not valuable, or effective.

Our minds are SO inundated with sensory information.

We are bombarded by not only data & stimulation, but by our own, often overwhelming emotions. LIFE is A LOT to handle.


So what is the resolution?

You probably know what I’m going to say…

–> There is no quick fix.

–> There is no one formula.

–> There is no step by step linear blueprint to get you the result of peace and freedom in your lived body.

BUT there is a way.


There is a unique collection of experiences that will soothe this conflict within and create your body as an environment for thriving energy.

See, that energy is already there. The yogis (and others) call it LIFE FORCE.


And although you may feel depleted, you may be on a course where it gets thwarted, mis-used, and dis-eased, you cannot cut it off. And you CAN nurture it & nourish it so that you can FEEL it, EXPERIENCE it, and LIVE more FUELED by it.

THAT is your nature.

THAT, my friends is what I am here to help with.

If you are curious about how I can help you with this shift, check out THIS OPPORTUNITY and use the link on that page to book a complimentary consultation with me to discuss if this is the right approach for you!

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