buzzwords: Empowerment & Embodiment

Empowerment. Embodiment. 



Why these buzzwords these days?


Aren’t we all just whole and beautiful beings?


Aren’t we enough AS IS?


Aren’t we all of who we are and nothing can take that away?



Well, when it comes down to it, probably, yea. BUT…

Is that how we all walk around feeling all the time?


Is that our day to day experience?


I’ll tell you, for me, heck no. And I doubt it is for you either.


I crave more brilliance. Less stress. I know I have bigger bolder badass things to do. I believe, darlings, YOU DO TOO.


So no, I cannot MAKE you empowered. I don’t have something that you don’t. I can’t give you something you don’t already have. I can’t even love the way. BUT…


I can hold witness.

I can give effective guidance.

I have journeyed and picked up tools from yoga, fitness, bodywork, academia, motherhood, marriage, grief, life…

I can hold a light for you when you can’t see in the dark.

I can help you sift and sort your moves and mindset so you stay on track and don’t get lost.

I can teach you techniques that will help you navigate your health needs and hearts desires. AND…


I can show you how to integrate your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies so that you can EXPERIENCE EMPOWERMENT & EMBODIMENT. 


Meaning the groove of your life feels spot on to you. You feel it in your muscles and bones. You see it in your passion and purpose. THIS is the lived body.


Let me hold this process for you.


If you are ready for deep down in your cells change…WE NEED TO TALK.


You can book a complimentary consultation here –> Book a complimentary Consultation with Jessie

I believe connecting your conscious awareness to your body’s wisdom is the most powerful tool to resolve many issues in your body and life. 


If you have a question send me an email at!


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