The essence of BEING MOVED and New Paradigm Fitness

It has been asked of me recently to uncover the roots of this body of work, and explain what this Embodied Movement is all about.  It started early in my career when I started blending my practice and experience and professional stance in both yoga and fitness.  I later went on to do a deep and […]


De-stressing for Travel

Growing up I traveled a lot!  With a surfing father, we took fantastic vacations to gorgeous (and sometimes remote) surf spots.  I remember enjoying flying.  I took that love of travel on my own and toured Europe a few times, and continued to explore the caribbean.   And then I had my first child.  I […]


5 Ways To Detox Stress From Your Body Today

It happens to all of us…STRESS!  Whether it is the heavy load of paying the bills, those rude people who toss their complaints your way all the time, or dealing with a difficult life transition, stress can build up.  It is my mission to change the way we look at stress, and the way that […]



Because breath is both involuntary and voluntary it enables reciprocal action between these levels. There are many body and emotional situations that require different types of breathing. This variety gives us a useful tool to both gain a deeper understanding of our self and a way to affect our experience of ourself purposefully. To understand […]


Awareness and it’s Role in Reducing Tension

The body has an intrinsic well being that includes enough health and energy to not only be free from disease, but also enough to utilize for the enjoyment of living. Muscular and emotional tension insulates us from this vitality and release of this tension gains us access.   The act of applying awareness and utilizing […]

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