A body prayer for peace and love

It is my deep belief that if we care, impeccably for our own body and wellbeing, then it becomes easier to relate to and care for others. I can’t help but think that any outward act of hate or violence comes from a disconnection within.       Like many, my heart is broken over […]


Stillness + Integration {Why savasana is the most important posture}

A pull towards stillness. A calling to turn inward. To slow down…even stop erratic activity, to rest to get quiet. A tiredness, exhaustion even…     I don’t know about you, but the last couple of weeks I couldn’t quite tell if I was stuck in inertia and some old, crappy mental and emotional patterns […]


New Year *BE* You

How is your New Year going so far? I must say, and let me get this right out there…   I DO NOT DO RESOLUTIONS. To me a New Years Resolution (for most) is the thing you say because there is┬ásomething about it you want, but you know in your heart of hearts there’s a […]


Personal Training = Personal Empowerment

There is a movement MOVEMENT and I think we are starting to GET IT. I am seeing everywhere a dissatisfaction with seeing images in magazines and social media that gives us unrealistic expectations about female bodies, and the subsequent shame that usually follows. I am seeing frustration around so many different “right ways” to “get […]

Albert J. Marro / Staff Photo
Jess Lucas leads a group of area peopele in noontime yoga exercises at Rutland's Main Street Park Friday. The program was offered in conjunction with the recreation department.   08/19/11

Notes from a yoga teacher/personal trainer as I let these rolls change.

    This has been the best gig. Honestly, and I’m so glad it was me. I built a career of it. Teaching yoga and personal training (and private yoga, and other fitness classes, and bodywork, and aerial yoga…) has been my bread and butter, how I feed my kids. Not my side gig after […]

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