creative flow + posture & healthy cells

M’dears… I have been in rant mode recently.  Things feel intense right now. There is so much pain in the collective human body.  As empaths & intuitives, it is so easy to take this on.  This can activate the individual pain stored in your own body.  All of this is a recipe for squashing creative flow, […]

Turn Towards

The Usefulness of Pain – TURNING TOWARDS it

I got some personal news today that should have, or could have triggered me, revved up my anxiety and poured some big dose of sour on the parts of my heart that are still kind of broken.   But, none of that happened.     And not because I STAYED STRONG, didn’t let it bother […]


Unraveling: necessary discomfort for change

  For those of you going through change, or for reflecting on when you have…or for some reference for the next time…   There can be a particular feeling that can cause a LOT of pain…   Being ungrounded, lost, disconnected.     These are super common in times of deep change.  In this most […]

Trusting the painful process

Trusting the Painful Process ~ Remaining vulnerable & open-hearted to heal through change.

* S L I N G S H O T * The farther you pull back the farther you propel.     The further you dive into the darkness, the more bandwidth you will have for healing and more expansion into vibrant health, whole joy, sweet contentment…   When you are in a life change, […]

Shine On Darling

Humble Broken Openness = LOVE

A long time ago, during a weekend long meditation retreat, one of the instructors said those 3 words…   Humble Broken Openness          This has rung in my human monkey mind for almost 20 years now.   It is sweet. And sad. And refreshing.   And the closest definition to love that […]

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