Cellular programing for set back or success

Somewhere in your cellular programming there is a version of you that you haven’t experienced yet. Maybe there’s longing. Maybe there’s vision. MAYBE THERE IS DEEP DARK DESPERATE DESIRE.

Somewhere in the energy flowing through your muscles that makes you want to move…

Somewhere inside your bones, in that magical marrow that makes life sustaining cells…


Somewhere in that intangible soulful sparkle of YOU…

There is a version of you that NEEDS to be embodied & experienced. It’s a FORCE OF NATURE.


It’s YOUR nature, your natural growth, authentic self evolution, actualization.




BUT. You get stunted, thwarted, distracted, did-eased, discouraged. The voices of negativity, the experiences of grief and sorrow, the weight of stress GET TO YOU. 




That sparkle isn’t gone though. It’s there. The flame can be fanned. The muscles moved. The life force amplified.

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