Creating a new fitness routine step 1: Release

ReleaseOne of the most common mistakes folks make is going gung-ho on a new fitness routine, only to quit, or not get the results they want.  (Sound familiar?)


This is because you are not clearing up the old physical, emotional, and energetic patterns in your body.



And THOSE patterns continue to dominate your health and energy.

So the trick is to first RELEASE those old patterns.

Then REALIGN your body, your emotional body, and energetic patterns.

Then STRENGTHEN around that new alignment.


Then you get results that are sustainable, that FEEL GOOD, and with greater EASE.

There is definitely something in the air around step 1, RELEASE right now.

So many folks have just had it feeling the way they do, and feel a STRONG pull to let go of the crap that keeps them feeling stuck, feeling low energy, and in a body that doesn’t feel like it is fully theirs.



Here’s a little action step for you for this week:

Tune in to your body’s wisdom.

Take some time to get quiet, take some deep breaths.

Do this a few times throughout the week, daily if you can.

Notice the sensations in your body.

Just notice.

There is no need to judge, or follow any story lines.

You are just observing data.

And that is all for now.


When you can hone this skill, you increase your awareness and ability to get out of your own mental spins.

This helps you break your old holding patterns and release that which no longer serves you.

The key is in the simplicity of self observation.

Many of us are quick to self judge, quick to get sucked into our own stories.

Practice some patience with yourself.  Disconnecting from these is not easy.




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