Creating a strong container (your body)

Strong BodyA loooooong time ago, in my original Yoga Teacher Training (2003) one of my mentors said,

“The purpose of Yoga Asana (the physical postures/practice of yoga) is to create a strong container.  The energy and essence of your BEING is so massive, that should you experience it without the strong, resilient container of your physical form, it would literally drive you crazy.”


Lets just pause right there.

Chew on that statement.

Breathe with it.

Before we go on, I am going to expand the understanding of that statement to any movement.  Any physical practice or exercise can do this, depending on your presence, awareness, perspective, and receptivity.


Now…creating a strong container…so you can EXPERIENCE THE FULL ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING…without feeling crazy!


When you move, you are either increasing your vitality or depleting it.

So many of us get stuck in life rhythms of depletion.  We end the day (and sometimes start it) feeling drained.  


When you move, especially when you repeat similar movement patterns, you end up exacerbating the situation.

The work I do with my clients is to help them undo these depleting rhythms, unlock their vibrant energy, and create new movement routines that are strengthening and energizing.


Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite nuggets of how to make this happen for you.



1.  Self-awareness

Much of the time, your energy is focused outward.  Your to-do list is ongoing, your care for others takes priority, and you go throughout the entire day without taking time to *really truly* take a personal inventory of what is going on on a physical, emotional, and energetic level.  It is important to make self-awareness a PRACTICE, and it doesn’t have to be another big thing on the to-do list.

Yes, an hour of meditation or yoga can feel super satisfying, but I truly believe that the main point of these longer practices is to make it easier to infuse the awareness into your every day moments.

Practice self-awareness when you’re brushing your teeth.

When you’re in line at the grocery store.

When you’re at the subway station or stopped at a red-light.

Take longer dips into this zone when you can, but don’t let your busy schedule take all of your attention.

Find those hidden little moments when your lightbulb can go off, and you can decide to turn your attention inward.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal or take a long time.  Just notice.  That’s all.



2.  Self-acceptance

It’s the “that’s all” part that I think is the hardest.  Swami Kripalu, the main dude who started the center where I did my yoga teacher training said, “Self observation without judgement is the highest form of spiritual practice.”

Can you take that moment to separate yourself from your story?  Can you take in the information form your body awareness, the sensations, the emotions, the memories, without going down the rabbit hole?  THIS is the powerful place where shift, change, and transformation can occur.

Acceptance doesn’t have to be defeat.

It doesn’t have to be passive.

The best acceptance moments are the AHA moments, and the Ahhhhhhh moments.

There’s an excited (maybe quiet excitement) realization, and ease.



3.  Self-actualization

This is where activation occurs.  This is where you put the wisdom of your body, your inherent health into MOVEMENT.  This is where you get to REALIZE in physical form the BIG essence that you are.  You get to experience your strength, flexibility, and focus.  Yes it takes practice and training to get here. Yes your capacity for this grows incrementally over time.  Yes you can have that one tipping point moment, which may come with bells and whistles, or it may come in the quiet of the night, or doing dishes…but it IS there for you.  Will you MOVE into it?  Will you give yourself that opportunity?  Will you commit to continuing to live it?


THAT is how I bring my clients to the place where we can develop movement routines that satisfy their soul and their structure.  

I hope you gained some insight here.

I would LOVE any feedback, comment below and share what struck you or how you put aspects of this into practice!


It is my massive intuition to continue to create containers in which to do this potent work.  Programs and sessions that facilitate the uncovering of your body’s wisdom, and unleashing of your vibrant natural health.




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