creative flow + posture & healthy cells


I have been in rant mode recently.  Things feel intense right now. There is so much pain in the collective human body.  As empaths & intuitives, it is so easy to take this on.  This can activate the individual pain stored in your own body.  All of this is a recipe for squashing creative flow, otherwise known as turning down or turning OFF your life force.


I know you are here to live big.  We all are.

Of course that looks and feels different for everyBODY.  


Some are louder, some more quiet, some more colorful, some full of words. Some life force shows up in the vibrations of music, some in the way we care for others.  The ways are unique and infinite.  The pain of the squashing universal.  


This is not a drill. 


This body of yours is the thing your creative energy, your life force, your drive, desire, passion, purpose MOVES through. It is not some heavy load to drag around, to bypass as “just the vessel”. It is THE vessel. 


You guys, when your body is aligned, when your cells aren’t bogged down with stress, when they are fueled with nourishing movement, YOU LIGHT UP! Your vitality shines through effortlessly. You FEEL so much freakin better because you feel like you. 



You don’t have to make excuses like lack of time or motivation. You don’t have to buy crappy food. You don’t have to buy other people’s stories about shame and blame. You don’t even have to keep living your own trauma tales that are embedded in your nervous system. 


Sure, it may be a process to shift this whiz. 

And we are all too well aware of the horrible consequences if we don’t. 


But what if we DO?


?What if we move and some patient spark within gets ignited?


?What if you actually create spaciousness in your body and life for your vibrant vibe to be felt & expressed?



I believe that would create a whole new paradigm of health & wellbeing, a whole new upgraded experience of being the miraculous human beings we are. 


You down⁉️


Then take a stand. Make a move. Do a flippin dance. Celebrate your cells. Wake up your creative energy. BE the CHANGE. Take EPIC CARE of your body and ALLOW it to FUEL YOU. 


I’m with you on the path.




Craving a community where movement is medicine,

where body practices are nourishment, not punishment?

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