Dance is an Emotional Workout


(yes that’s me in all those color swirls!)


Dance, hits us on so many levels.

When we dance, we move our body in several planes of motion, we use the joints in lots of different ways, we change the intensity from low to hight and back again.  So we are getting an efficient and effective workout.

Meanwhile, something else is going on…we are usually triggered somehow on an emotional level. Dance, especially when we get into a rhythm, or get the heart rate up, sets off a cascade of mood-improving hormones. These not only can help us feel better in the moment, but can help us remember other happy times.


Making these connections over and over again can create the pattern of happiness and truly get us out of a rut.


But what happens when another kind of emotion is triggered in dance? Because this does happen. We are given the opportunity to address this particular emotion. I believe that certain memories, emotions, and life patterns keep showing up for us until we learn all that we need to learn from them.


So when a more challenging emotion shows up when we move and groove, we have an opportunity to TURN TOWARDS it.


In turning towards we can then accept, breathe, release resistance, offer kindness, dedicate the movement the dance to healing, evolving, growing the experience.


This creates lasting positive change.


So, I’m curious…do you have a movement practice or experience that is more than just a physical workout?    

Think about how you move and how you can access an emotional workout.  Let me know what you discover!  

Craving a community where movement is medicine,

where body practices are nourishment, not punishment?

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