Desire map journey + starting a fire

I got broken up with last New Years Eve, my grandfather died, my business tanked, things are different now (glowing!) but first…let me take you back….


Like many conscious, heart centered, forward thinking, driven women I had seen the Desire Map book and workbook floating around the circles of wonder women I hang with.  


One day, when choosing my next self-development resources, because I’m a junkie, I decided that THESE were the resources I NEEDED NOW!  It was less of a mental decision and more of a movement from within.  I had a deep, gut feeling that the wisdom on these pages were going to help me break through some mega frustrations I was having.

Life felt OFF to me.  


I was working HARD. Working hard in 2 businesses, working hard raising my kids, working hard in a relationship. I’m a stubborn Aries, I’m good with hard work. But honestly, I was exhausted and so tired of working hard and not feeling good about where it got me, and STILL something big felt off.


So I started reading “Fire Starter Sessions”, then immediately went to “Desire Map” and come winter solstice last year took 3 days to dive heart first into the Desire Map Workbook.  


I found the alchemy of desire meeting achievement, because I discovered the missing ingredient.  


Although I am a super self-aware person, I hadn’t done a self check on what I really really wanted in a good long while.  I was pouring myself into big projects like businesses and kids and partnership, I thought I knew my core values, but what I didn’t know, because I was so focused on other people’s feelings, were my CORE DESIRED FEELINGS.


I had no clue how I actually wanted to feel.


I knew I wanted to feel “good”, “better” even. I wanted to glow, to radiate, to have health and happiness, to stress less and cook more delicious food.  But what the real deal feelings were that I CRAVED…I had no clue that I had no clue.


These resources set the context and ask the right questions to uncover what’s really in your heart and set you on a course to LIVE it!  


So here’s what happened…After my Solstice Session with the Desire Map workbook – and you guys, this is deep and powerful stuff, it was ritual.  You can do it how you want, but I’ll tell you, if you truly engage the process, it WILL set fire to your desires.  


During that ritual I made a pact with my SELF.  I committed to getting anything out of the way that wasn’t aligned with my core desired feelings.  


Within days, things started happening.  I can’t say the initial shift was easy or fun. Initiation transformations rarely are. They’re gritty and rock your soul.  That’s how growth and evolution happen…the seed cracks for new roots to seek nourishment, and new shoots to reach for the sun and flourish.  The cracking can hurt. And for me it did.



I was release from a relationship that I was deeply committed to, I lost my last grandparent, my business tanked for a while, and I hit both high anxiety and PTSD I also didn’t know I had.


I know I’m really selling this here, but listen up…what that did was realign my life.  


This process got me to admit to myself what truly felt authentic to me, and got me so in tune with that that anything that wasn’t that started falling away.


You guys, this uncovered such brilliance.  I’m still working my tail off. I’m still struggling in many ways.  But I now have a more deeply aligned purpose in my work, and magically (I swear it was magic!) I have the most amazing love in my life, love that makes me so grateful that I allowed all that grief and that fuels and fills me every day.


The books and workbook started the process, and the Desire Map Planner keeps me connected to my core desired feelings and on track to align all my actions and to-dos to these feelings so I’m not OFF anymore!


The main question is: “What will I do to feel the way I want to feel?”


Want to get your self aligned for 2017? Now is the perfect time!  Use these last less-than-2 months to do the deep inquiry, then keep yourself aligned all year.


I feel so deeply that this powerful set of tools is a game changer that I became an affiliate for Danielle Laporte’s shop.  Check out the resources I used to change 2016 for myself and the rest of her beautiful gear here:


This is the planner I use:



You can find the books and other goodies here: Danielle Laporte’s books and online shop!





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