Embodied Movement Mini Intensive

Sometimes you just need to handle one thing at a time.  There are so many components that create your dynamic of health, but that doesn’t mean that you have to address them all at once in order to feel better and get results.  This mini intensive gives you professional laser focused attention on the most efficient and effective next step in your physical, emotional, and energetic wellness.


Overwhelm can be overpowering and stop you from progress.  

Are you craving simplification and a solid knowing that the next step you take is going to yield greater ease? 



When you know in your bones that something has got to give, that you desperately need a shift, or are feeling that breaking out of the mold vibe that it’s time for the next step…some clear guidance can be just the thing.   If you have tried coaches and courses, workouts, and health plans, and have come up short of feeling dialed in to what your body needs in the moment, this Embodied Movement Mini Intensive is just the thing for you.


There is no “6 steps to…” produce the specific desire you are feeling, because no one else in HERstory has had your life experience, your bumps and bruises, your successes and failures, your strength and your scars.  


When you try to apply a generalized set of instructions to your unique needs – it’s bound to fall short.


I help you get crystal clear on what your body is truly telling you by decoding the language of your body: SENSATION.

I take you through a sensory experience to create an immediate, nervous-system-level shift. Then I co-create with you a movement blueprint that will move you forward effectively, efficiently, and with greater ease according to your body’s wisdom.


Here’s what you can expect:

*We will create a powerful space to zero in on what you need most right now!

*I will guide you through a series of specific questions designed to lead us under the surface to get to the root of the immediate issue.

*In this session and the follow up support you will be able to take away the guess work about what might help you because we will have created a unique-to-you game plan to MOVE you in ways that are tailored to your health needs and heart’s desires

*Depending on the area of focus, you will come away with a custom movement blueprint, awareness of what your body’s sensory experience is telling you, and the tools to be able to implement your unique plan of action 

Here’s how…

I will pull from my signature Embodied Movement system: Release, Realign, Strengthen, & Refine in order to give you both an in the moment transformative experience as well as teach you a few powerful tools to take with you and implement on your own.  We will go through the story your body is storing, take you through a sensory tracking experience, use the body wisdom gained there to decode the data, and create a movement blueprint per what your body and energy are actually needing.  

I will then help you tweak the plan over the next 2 weeks by checking in via email or text, as well as answer your questions and help keep you accountable.


Here’s what you get:

*An Embodied Movement System Welcome Packet with a Guidebook & Workbook

*A 2 hour deep dive session where we will…

–> Go over your goal for the session, and get clear on what you truly desire to accomplish

–> Experience a Body Wisdom Awakening guided meditation

–> Identify and Decode you “Body Armor” – this is the language and result of the Pain Body, what is likely keeping you from feeling how you want to feel

–> Do some relieving tension and block release work

–> Guide you through a Sensory Tracking Experience

–> Interpret the data from your body’s wisdom to create a Custom Movement Blueprint

*2 weeks of e-contact (text, email) for accountability, support, troubleshooting, and tweaks

*A 30 minute follow up session to update your plan and make sure you have the tools to stay on track




Here’s what to do next:

Email me at admin@jessielucas.com with any questions or for the link to schedule your Embodied Movement Mini Intensive!


I can’t wait to connect with you!

I know you are up to big things, and I’m here to help you make that happen with vibrant health!



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