Embody Your Purpose

This program will help you to embody your creative rhythm, to live fully in satisfying and successful ways, and to be fueled by your physical energy and vibrant health. I’ve designed this body of work specifically for all of you creative change makers, visionaries, and women on a mission who are ready to let your life’s work flow freely and powerfully through you without putting your body at risk.


Living on the creative precipice can be frightening and dangerous.

Have you sacrificed your health, knowingly or subconsciously, for your mission and message?

Presence is contageous

When something big needs to move through you, it can bowl you over…but it doesn’t have to. It breaks my heart to see geniuses break themselves.  Some of the most talented and brilliant people have gone mad and gotten so sick to make way for their work in the world.  We have all witnessed this: the tragic effects of self harm in many forms that our icons have suffered through.


It is my deep belief that not only is this suffering avoidable, but that your creative work is only best served when the body is honored and cared for in the process.book-a-consultation



If you keep getting stressed or sick when you go to make creative or career advancements and stress out when you think about really putting your heart’s work on the line… 


…LET’S TALK!                         




I help people like you align your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to unlock your creative blocks and ignite a powerful fuel to energize your body and seduce your muse.


The cells in your body contain huge amounts of energy.  This is FUEL for your work in the world, for your self expression, for your big mission and purpose. When this energy is compromised, compressed, stressed and strained, it can throw you into exhausting cycles of self defeat.  Your work isn’t as bright and brilliant as it could be, YOU are less satisfied, and it all takes a massive toll on your body.


Our goal is to help you move through your physical & emotional blocks in a transformative way with a kind of body alchemy that can re-route your path to success with your body supporting the process.



Here’s what you can expect:

* We will put your emotions in motion, soften your energetic scars from past pains, trauma, and negativity stuck in your system.

* We will develop your physiological, emotional, and energetic presence that aligns all parts of you to free up your energy for authentic expression without pain or strain.

* This work will help reduce stress and tension so you can finally feel at ease and relieve long held pain.

* You will gain confidence that stems directly from your biorhythms.

* You will come away with physical, practical techniques to move through blocks, granting you the clarity to move forward, through any resistance with ease.

* You will expand your capacity to make bigger, bolder moves without breaking down or burning out.

* You will create space in your body and life for your passion and purpose work to take center stage.  

* And you will experience the satisfaction of success on your terms without suffering!


Here’s how…

This is a four step process and these are the pillars of change to help you feel more YOU and get your body moving in the way that will allow your creative muse to flow.


1. Release…

You can’t build a new rhythm on top of an old one. We need to do a little deconstruction first.  The body stores tensions from life’s movement which can lock up emotional energy.  The pillar of release is meant to clear the way so that any move you make is more effective and efficient.


*Find relief from chronic pain or tension, or other health issues

*Make room for your lifestyle transformation

*Uncover your natural state of health


2. Realign…

We are talking physical, emotional, and energetic realignment here.  We will look at your posture and alignment patterns and gear your body practices to support an uplifted body and energy level.  This approach is done from the inside out, not just honoring the energetic/emotional, but supporting the structural from the deeper core muscles and moving out from there.


*Build new physical and emotional habits

*Create a new posture and new movement patterns that support ease in the body


3. Strengthen…

This is where you get to really utilize your new energy.  Build your inner and outer strength simultaneously to create lasting change that actually feels nourishing rather than punishing/depleting.  We will find ways to build strength that will suit your desires, preferences, and lifestyle. We will mostly focus on strengthening around the energetic and emotional habits you have re-formed. We do this by using physical body practices, so you may enjoy other benefits:


*strengthen and tone

*gain flexibility

*build resiliency

*decrease stress

*increase energy


4. Refine…

Looping back through the previous pillars, we will use any new body wisdom gained along the way to keep you going and uncover new layers and levels of your empowered health.


*Navigating life and body changes and plateaus

*Increasing your physical and emotional fitness and results



Here’s what you get:

Together, in a unique-to-you process, we will work through these four pillars and create body practices that re-wire your inner circuitry for radiant health and creative flow.

* For 4 months you have a series of one-on-one sessions (through phone or video conference – I work with women worldwide!)

* SOS calls so you have the help you need when you need it most.

* 24-hour e-contact with me to troubleshoot tough spots and celebrate successes together, as well as other layers to create a comprehensive platform for lasting change.

*My custom Guidebook and Workbook to facilitate your process, practices, and progress

*Access to my Video Courses: Customized Exercise and Body Alchemy




Here’s what to do next:

Click to book a free consultation with me. I’ll be in touch to send you a quick questionnaire before our session so we can both be clear, effective, and efficient when we talk!




If you have any questions you can reach me at admin@jessielucas.com!


I can’t wait to connect with you!

I know you are up to big things, and I’m here to help you make that happen with vibrant health!





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