Do you have a specific health issue or emotional block that needs 100% focused attention.  OR do you have an event coming up, a speaking engagement, a performance, or personal milestone, and you NEED your body on board to fuel you, and GIVE you energy, rather than getting strained and drained.


Stepping up to a growth edge can either bring up your self doubt, self sabotage, and energy draining habits.

OR you can step into fully EMBODIED radiant presence…get ready to 




THIS is the package for you.  You have my guidance, attention, and support for a full month to take you through a transformative Embodied Movement Experience and teach you the tools to move forward on your own.


This is NOT one that sits on the shelf! It is one that ACTIVATES for a PURPOSE.  


I guide you through facilitated transformative body practices specifically for what you’ve got going on. I create a unique movement blueprint for the occasion, and help keep you accountable while adjusting along the way as things change.


–> If you are working with a health issue or emotional block, we will seek to get you over the hump and well on your way to feeling better.


–> If you are working towards an event, we will make sure you are fully present, and have as much vitality and radiant energy as possible…naturally, authentically, empowered YOU.


Here’s what you can expect:

During this potent month of FOCUS we take the Full Embodied Movement System and highlight the parts that will be most effective for your goal here.  This work is designed to get under the current loops your body, emotions, and energy are running in and re-program the way your nervous system is firing so that it works FOR you.  

*Increase your impactbook-a-consultation

*Release creative, emotional, and physical blocks and pain

*Undeniable confidence

*Increased Energy to fuel your muse

*Capacity for bigger, bolder moves

*Increased inner and outer strength


Here’s how…

This is a four step process and these are the pillars of change to help you feel more YOU and get your body moving in the way that will allow your creative muse to flow.  We modify the longer-term version of this work to meet your specific needs NOW!


1. Release…

You can’t build a new rhythm on top of an old one. We need to do a little deconstruction first.  The body stores tensions from life’s movement which can lock up emotional energy.  The pillar of release is meant to clear the way so that any move you make is more effective and efficient.

*Find relief from chronic pain or tension, or other health issues

*Make room for your lifestyle transformation

*Uncover your natural state of health


2. Realign…

We are talking physical, emotional, and energetic realignment here.  We will look at your posture and alignment patterns and gear your body practices to support an uplifted body and energy level.  This approach is done from the inside out, not just honoring the energetic/emotional, but supporting the structural from the deeper core muscles and moving out from there.

*Build new physical and emotional habits

*Create a new posture and new movement patterns that support ease in the body


3. Strengthen…

This is where you get to really utilize your new energy.  Build your inner and outer strength simultaneously to create lasting change that actually feels nourishing rather than punishing/depleting.  We will find ways to build strength that will suit your desires, preferences, and lifestyle. We will mostly focus on strengthening around the energetic and emotional habits you have re-formed. We do this by using physical body practices, so you may enjoy other benefits:

*strengthen and tone

*gain flexibility

*build resiliency

*decrease stress

*increase energy


4. Refine…

Looping back through the previous pillars, we will use any new body wisdom gained along the way to keep you going and uncover new layers and levels of your empowered health.

*Navigating life and body changes and plateaus

*Increasing your physical and emotional fitness and results



Here’s what you get:

This is a high touch, deeply supportive, totally guided 1:1 activated experience.  I help you hone in on the issue at hand and the specific goal, and we tailor the entire Embodied Movement System of Release, Realign, Strengthen, Refine to your health issue, emotional block, or life event.  


This month of FOCUS includes…

*4 one hour powerful Embodied Movement sessions (via phone or video conference so I can meet with you wherever you are in the world!)

*e-contact the entire time

*The FULL “Release” Module with video class, audio lessons, and Guidebook & Workbook

*Bonus recorded and written content to support your process on topics like Stress, Customized Workouts, and Breathing




Here’s what to do next:  book-a-consultation

Click to book a free consultation with me. I’ll be in touch to send you a quick questionnaire before our session so we can both be clear, effective, and efficient when we talk!

If you have any questions you can reach me at!

I can’t wait to connect with you!

I know you are up to big things, and I’m here to help you make that happen with vibrant health!



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