Food, water, and movement

Loves, MOVEMENT is not an option.

We are ALIVE because we move. In eastern traditions movement is seen in the essential category along with food and water. It is how our cells FUNCTION. If our cells aren’t functioning then that ALIVENESS is compromised.


Unfortunately, for most of us, normal daily movement doesn’t fire us up, it doesn’t nourish or nurture us, it doesn’t stimulate emotional flow, it doesn’t de-clog our emotional gutters OR our arteries.


Putting INTENTION into movement shouldn’t be a chore, it shouldn’t be a burden, it shouldn’t be an issue.


INTENTIONAL, functional, fluid, fueling, FUN movement can be, NEEDS to be DEEP CARE. And in the essential category.


Yes we can rest, yes we can take days off, like one might fast.

BUT, we cannot ignore it completely.


So many things have messed this up for us, our communities, cultures, industries, families, individual relationships, self-sabotage, jobs, lifestyles, opinions…It is no wonder our relationship with movement is a tangled mess.


It is our job, our JOYFUL RESPONSIBILITY to untangle this, to follow the flow, to allow our LIFE FORCE, chi, energy, vitality, our zap our zing, our vivaciousness, to MOVE!

Ready, set….

What’s it going to take?

What knots are in those tangles that NEED some support, an extra set of hands to loosen?
What are you willing, wanting, craving, needing to look at, feel, move through so that you are IN the flow?

I’m here, let’s talk!

Hit reply… let’s have a conscious conversation right here and change the game!

Want to chat personally? Put your name in my calendar and we can discuss a tailored to you plan of action!


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During this conversation I will listen to your story and give my professional perspective on a plan of action to untangle, de-mess, de-STRESS, and MOVE into empowered health by creating a unique rhythm of effective & efficient movement that fuels you.



I can’t wait to see this shift in action, where movement is nourishment.



to your vibrant health,

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