Giving energy away – steeping in an energy infusion

Energy Infusion

“I don’t have enough energy”

How many times have you said that?


It seems to be a constant struggle,

having energy for what you need to do, let alone want to do.




Energy is a funny thing.

Einstein said that “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is too it.”

It’s physics.


Energy can be measured in calories, when you take in food it gives your cells energy to function.


This isn’t invisible, theoretical, it is fuel for life.

Energy is something we feel, something almost emotional…”I don’t have the energy for that right now.”

That” being a certain task or situation or connection.


And energy also feels very ethereal sometimes, something we want but can’t get, or have, but it doesn’t feel right.


So how to dial in your energy so you are aligned, and feeling like your SELF, and able to function optimally?


Of course there is no simple answer to this.


But there are things you can do to have the best energy possible at any given moment.


Look at your energy as going in and out.

So first let’s look at OUT.

Where is you’re energy being drained, or given away?


You know that thing that happens when you’re running late, and so you start feeling rushed, and suddenly you start bumping into things, forgetting things, feeling frantic.  Getting out the door ends up taking MORE energy because of being rushed.  Your energy is chaotic and being sprayed everywhere.


Take that same circumstance, same amount of time, add some grounded, focused presence and efficiency, the same tasks take less energy, energy YOU get to keep to enjoy the moment and what’s coming next.


This same effect happens all the time, in subtle and obvious ways.


Take a personal inventory today on the “energy of your presence” in any situation, and see where you can tune it up to be less “spraying everywhere” and more present.  


Some places to look…


There are the obvious moves like cutting the crap out of your food intake, consuming nutrient dense foods (nutrients = food energy), look at your time zappers and start to re-orient those (like too much draining screen time!)


What about complaining, either out loud or in your own head?


What about frowning or grumpy face?  I’ve heard it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown!


Tuning IN…energy infusion and steeping in it!


In yoga practice there are “bhandas” or energetic locks.  


I am not a expert on bhandas, so I’ll just speak basically to the concept here…

Basically bhandas are specific internal moves you can make that hold IN the prana, or life force energy as you cultivate it.  It “stops the drains” and allows you to experience an infusion of this life force energy.


This is not only a fabulous practice, but a super helpful concept.

You can take this concept and look at your daily life and actions and look for where you can take moments to pause, tune IN, and steep in your own life force.


Simple ways to do that are drawing your attention away from distractions for a few moments and breathe deeply, luxuriously.

FEEL your heartbeat, your pulse…really FEEL it.  When you are having your tea or water, or even an entire meal, put all your attention on that consuming and let the act of consuming be nutrient, the attention and awareness fueling your presence.


Of course, you can get creative and come up with your own ways of cultivating and steeping in the energy available to you at any given moment.


What I love about this is that it can be SO simple, built in to the day you are already having, and small nuggets of practice go a LONG way!




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