Kinesthetic Intelligence + Emotional Awareness = Vibrant Energy/Health

Kinesthetic Intelligence

How well do you decode your body’s messages?


In the language of sensation you have a direct communication among the bodymind system.





This communication is vitally important for your health and wellbeing, for YOU feeling like YOU.

Just like in any other relationship, when communication is OFF, things start to get funky.


Things don’t work so well, they don’t feel good.

So too in your lived body experience.


Tuning up this within the bodymind communication system is not only possible, but exciting.

Most of us have life rhythms that demand our attention is placed outwardly most of the time.


The ever present to-do list, everyone else’s needs, and getting through the day.

When attention does turn inward, the most available storyline is usually worry.


It has been studied that our brains are hard-wired for negativity first.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as if something is truly wrong, it IS helpful to be aware of it before anything else, it is part of our instinctual nature to avoid or flee from danger.


BUT…us habitual and sometimes stubborn humans get caught in this negativity, and it can be hard to see your way out.  Even if you are a “positive” or optimistic person, the underlying current of feeling OFF in the body can be pervasive.


This is where tuning up your kinesthetic intelligence and emotional awareness can create profound changes in your physical health and self-perception.


You can start super simply by deciding to turn your attention to the physical sensations of your body several times throughout the day.


What comes into your awareness without the decided attention are the obvious sensations, that constant tension in your shoulders, that old, nagging hip or knee injury etc.


However, there are layers and layers of more and more subtle sensations that are part of your dimensional and dynamic SENSE of your self.  ALL of that is important data to get a more whole and full knowing of your dynamic health.


If you just process the obvious layers of sensation (again usually the painful or nagging ones) you get a very flat personal perspective, and start to identify with mostly THAT.  Sheesh! No wonder it can be hard to feel good, or energized!


Start by collecting the subtle data, practice paying attention to the physical sensations that are just below the awareness of the obvious ones.  You don’t have to tell any stories about these sensations, or analyze them.  JUST NOTICE.. In fact the practice of observation is VERY powerful, so do your best, at this point to draw back from the stories.


Do the same thing with your emotional awareness.

DECIDE to just get to know where you are, more often, and more subtly.

What are the feelings behind the feelings?


Again, see if you can “collect the data” instead of following the rabbit holes of your stories.

This will start to bring you into a more dimensional LIVED experience of your body.

THIS will start to develop that kinesthetic intelligence and more acute emotional awareness.

THIS will begin to enliven your VIBRANT energy, your empowered health.



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