Movement & Energy Assessment


Movement & Energy Assessment


The world needs a big upgrade and dose of conscious love, empowered joyful responsibility and that taking care of yourself is paramount to taking care of the bigger issues. The world also needs creativity, art and beauty in many forms. Doing good, personal growth, processing emotions in healthy ways, and caring for your physical body are priority.



You have either tried the all ‘physical’ or all ‘energetic’ route and have determined that one extreme or the other has not worked. You are looking for an integrated way to achieve this new alignment.


But there’s one key thing…


YOU ARE BUSY!  Your heart is in the right place. You invest in yourself, your work in the world. You have a lot of plates spinning right now, so hiring a health coach, trainer, or “movement muse” is just not on the table right now.  AND you know you need help, a boost, something to help you shift gears so that you can keep moving and grooving with passion towards your purpose.


Because let’s face it…


If you don’t, you’ll burn out. Maybe you’re already on that path. You feel your energy tanking. You know your body’s energy is more sluggish than you want it to be, than you NEED it to be. You have tried to make moves and they just aren’t cutting it.  


You know something is in the way.Movement & Energy Assessment

Something under the surface.

Something you may be able to feel, but can’t quite see or put your finger on.


That is why this Movement and Energy Assessment

is PERFECT for you right now.



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This is an opportunity to get laser focused on specific issues buried in your tissues that are keeping you from vitality, resilience, and radiance.  


You may be doing all the right things – but if something is dragging you down or pulling you back, you are using WAY too much effort and energy to get it done, and still not ending up where you want to be.


Deep down in your body, you don’t feel the way you know you could.

You want an effective and efficient way to get to the point and make the change that will make the difference.

THAT is what we will do in the Movement and Energy Assessment.


Here’s how it works:

In this small and powerful package you receive one 90 minute private session in which we will go through a comprehensive process…

(keep reading for some extra powerful bonuses!!!)



→ The 90 minute private session:



We will get the “lay of the land” so to speak. You will fill me in on what you have been dealing with health and emotion wise, what obstacles you are facing, what you’ve tried, what’s worked, and what hasn’t!  


How do you truly want to feel in your body? What do you want to accomplish? Often the answers to the questions around health related goals are disembodied, so we will peel through the layers to make sure what you are saying you want is actually what you are craving.

We will hone in on an Embodied Goal, something fueled by desire.  Something that moves you so you don’t have to rely on willpower or even motivation.


I will guide you through a very simple, body awareness exercise.  This isn’t visualization, emotional interpretation, or psychological evaluation.  It is simply an experience designed to give you access to your kinesthetic intelligence, your body’s wisdom, through your body’s language – SENSATION.

It is from the data gathered in this exercise that we will discover where the blocks are in your body, your tension patterns, your nervous system… and from this we will create your custom movement blueprint.


Based on what we now know, I will help you interpret your body’s data to reveal the places in your body that are stuck, stagnant, harboring pain, running in old trauma loops or pain patterns, etc.  These are the spots that need to be addressed before moving forward.


Yay! This part usually feels like such sweet relief, because when you make moves that are specifically designed for what your body systems are going through, it is often way easier than you’d think.  

You will leave the session with a clear plan, a framework to work in to start moving in the direction of how you want to feel in your body.  This is NOT a prescribed workout.  It is movement education.  You will absolutely have a specific and clear game plan and know what to do. I am more interested in you tuning in to your body’s wisdom to show you the way than following a pre-fab workout. You can get those all over youtube!

 Movement & Energy Assessment



~Customized Exercise Video Course

This is a series of 4 full length classes created to help train you to become your own personal trainer from the inside out.  Knowing how to move intuitively doesn’t come from knowing specific fitness moves, it comes from knowing what your body needs.  These classes guide you under the surface so that you can detect what’s going on for you and determine how to move through it!

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Classes include: 

Where is the ache – using pain as a map of your obstacles and resistance

Your Pain Your Purpose – the story that shapes your pain body, and how to unravel it to unleash empowered energy

How To Choose Exercise That’s Right For You – every BODY is different, this ISN’T your typical checklist, it’s about choosing what MOVES you – and of course what will be most effective and efficient!

What to do when life throws you a curve-ball – it’s bound to happen, it’s part of the flow…and there’s no reason to get stopped or stuck, learn to navigate this inevitable space with grace and ease

Staying On Track – Creating a continuing plan you love to stick with



~Content for Module 1 of my signature system: RELEASE {Guidebook & Video}

My signature system of Embodied Movement is comprised of 4 modules: Release, Realign, Strengthen, & Refine.  With your Movement & Energy Assessment, you receive the content for Module 1: Release.

These Movement Modules are the pillars of foundational change in your physical, emotional, and energetic health and are designed to meet you in your own rhythm.

If your inner circuitry is haywire, this is your opportunity to go the the motions to re-wire for resiliency and vitality on all of your layers in a timeline suited to your specific needs!


You can’t build a new rhythm on top of an old one. We need to do a little deconstruction first.  The body stores tensions from life’s movement which can lock up emotional energy.  The pillar of release is meant to clear the way so that any move you make is more effective and efficient.

*Find relief from chronic pain or tension, or other health issues

*Make room for your lifestyle transformation

*Uncover your natural state of health


Are you ready to discover what’s lurking under the surface, keeping you from getting your groove on and having more energy?


Book a Movement & Energy Assessment and we will have you on track in a way that is unique to your health needs and heart’s desires.


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Movement & Energy Assessment

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