Prayer in Motion


Like many around the world ri
ght now, with all of the personal and global pain, my heart is heavy.  

Before I go any further, let’s just take a moment to connect hearts.  



{Image from Danielle LaPorte’s “Desire Map” which I just finished, TOTALLY worth the read!}



So, I’m going to pause, take a few deep breaths, drop my shoulders, release any tension in my belly, and place a hand on my heart.  I’ll take a few moments to feel my own heartbeat, to slip into wonder and gratitude for it all, and to intentionally send out some love and some hope.  To you, and to everyone.  Before you read on…will you do the same? Or something similar?  Ok, ready?  ………………….


Now, lets take that love, that intention, that prayer and put it into motion. 


As you know one of my favorite things to do is to take all the science and wisdom of fitness, dismantle it to it’s core essences, add some mindful, sensational (like literally your body’s senses) magic, and create body practices that are soul satisfying, and physically productive.  Meaning they give you energy on all levels, improve your functionality and how you FEEL.  This, my friends, is prayer in motion. 

And while I think any day, in fact EVERY day is the perfect day for something like this…days that are full of sorrow or fear or confusion or other heaviness are really perfect days for this.

Feelings are molecular, chemical, physical in your body, and when they are overwhelming or under processed, the residue becomes toxic and you feel that. 


We all develop different symptoms at different times, but it always feels gross.  It could become stress, tension, stiffness, pain, the protective padding of extra pounds, old injuries flaring up, headaches, sinus issues, sore throat…I could keep going here…

When you put all of that in *motion*, especially intentional, mindful, love-filled motion, you not only allow for the completion of processing those emotions (like fully digested food that passes quickly and easily), you soak in the nutrients, the nourishment, the fortifying elements and end up more resilient.


Biography meets biology.  THIS is where it gets real. THIS is where you have such power, where you ARE EMPOWERED to create vibrant health, even in (especially in) dark moments.

I am not suggesting if you are in a dark place that if you do a few Sun Salutations you will immediately and instantly be in enlightened bliss.  I’m talking, sweet, satisfying baby steps.  The kind you can actually conceive of, that you probably remember experiencing in some way before.  


And also, that bliss (whatever that is) is ALWAYS in you, so isn’t something to be attained anyway, and you just might move enough crap out of the way to catch a glimpse, or sense some of it’s sparkle.  Lucky you!  


And if not…really, it’s no big deal…there are monks who have dedicated their every waking (and sleeping!) moment to this and still don’t have the golden ticket.


What you CAN do, is take the best care of you, RIGHT NOW.

You can drop old grudges from your heavy heart.

You can lift burdens off your shoulders.

You can cleanse your gut from worry and fear.

You can strengthen those legs to move you ever forward.


You can turn your attention to this practical magic that is prayer in motion.

MOVE your BODY and FEEL a full range of Emotion. 

Me?  That’s what I’m re-commuting to today.  See, commitment isn’t a once-and-done thing…it’s a practice of always recommitting to what is important to you, what gives you what you want.


I want my body to be free from this heaviness.  Not to not have it, not experience it, it’s part of the richness of life, and well, frankly it just IS.  I am re-committing to not letting it take down my health, my capacity to feel good in my own body (because that’s where I love from in this incredible human existence, and really, LOVE is what it is ALL about.)  




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