Solstice Ritual

What are you 12374925_10153322987811188_8190641552457637387_oleaving behind in the darkness?


What are you welcoming into the light?


The Winter Solstice is a powerful opportunity to look deeply into your own darkness, make some serious shifts, and expand even more brightly into the light.



One of the core principles of my work in health and fitness is that the pain and symptoms you experience all have their roots in your emotional health. 


When you bury dark and difficult emotions and issues they become compressive, you become less vibrantly you. 

My favorite ritual on the Winter Solstice is to go straight into this darkness, and uncover what is ready for the light. 


Create a sacred space.
Turn off the phone ringer. 
Light some candles or holiday lights.
Take out a pen and paper.
Fill up the paper. 
It doesn’t have to have structure. 
Harness the wild freedom of the darkness and see what’s there. 
Include gratitudes, celebrations from the past year, what you’re letting go of/releasing, 
Calling forward your BIG hopes and dreams.
Intend, desire
Honor your accomplishments, both inner and outer…
Then burn the paper. (Safely!) 
Release it all into the sparkly stars of the night sky.

Do this alone or with a partner.
Add music and dancing!


Reflect on your writing, and ask yourself at the start of each day.


What one MOVE can you make that will mark these shifts in your life, get them in your bones?

Sometimes it’s a lifestyle thing, sometimes it’s expressive movement symbolizing some aspect of what’s shifting…get creative.


Stretch and breathe.

Open up to the light.

Welcome to winter. And a BRIGHTER you.




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