Stillness + Integration {Why savasana is the most important posture}


A pull towards stillness.

A calling to turn inward.

To slow down…even stop

erratic activity,

to rest

to get quiet.

A tiredness, exhaustion even…



I don’t know about you, but the last couple of weeks I couldn’t quite tell if I was stuck in inertia and some old, crappy mental and emotional patterns ~OR~ needing to pull back from the rhythms I was running in to halt them and reboot in a new rhythm.


After a noticeable shift, and some conscious communication with a few soul sisters experiencing the same thing, it is clear that a deeper shift, some cellular magic was afoot.


When something is up for a change, it is super hard to do that when you are still going 100 MPH in a certain, habitual direction.


*An object in motion tends to stay in motion*



So sometimes the most efficient way to make a significant change is to pull back and stop that motion first.


I remember several years ago when I was going through a big personal shift, right before I opened up the online part of my business, I got a clear message from my body to stop teaching Zumba.  I LOVED teaching Zumba, dancing was super fun, I was the MOST fit I’ve ever been, and had built up a crazy awesome community around those classes.


BUT…I needed to stop.  Not just to recoup some of the hours in the day/week to focus on the new project, but to recoup my energy, and most importantly re-FORM my energy, it – and my body – were ready for a whole new shape.


So I stopped.  I felt my physical form changing – energy could flow in new patterns, I felt things differently, gained new insights – about my body & my business.



You know that bliss you feel after a really good savasana? (Corpse pose – often the final pose of a yoga practice)  If you don’t know this feeling, I highly recommend sticking around for that pose if you’re one of those folks who likes to duck out!  OR if you’re not a yogini, maybe you’ve felt that deep relaxation in other ways.


What is happening here is integration.  All the work you did in your practice – or if we are talking about the life rest thing as I described above – is being incorporated into your muscles, your nervous system, your brain, and even deeper and more subtly into your feelings, and your energy body.  

If this stillness, this rest gets skipped – in a yoga practice, or in life you are likely to snap back to your old ways and/or burn out.


This stillness is an important part of the doing.

It IS doing. It’s doing stillness.

Have you been feeling the need to slow down?


There *is* a catch though…this isn’t an “excuse” to be a couch potato.


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate lounging as much as the next person, however…it does take heightened self awareness to know when it’s time to get moving again, and in what rhythm.


Allow for the downtime, but don’t get stuck there.


Stillness can show up in little increments, even if life won’t let you take a week, or a month, or a year’s stay-cation, you can catch mini respites throughout your day.  You can take slightly longer moments by shifting some other “priorities” off your plate (trust me, as a single working mom, this is SO doable, it takes creativity, but you CAN shift those priorities!), AND…when you CAN do that longer “savasana” in practice and in LIFE….ALLOW yourself to actually slow down and get quiet. It doesn’t count if you are secretly making your grocery list.


Luxuriate in stillness, your body will thank you.

And you will be re-fueled for your next groovy moves!




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