Stop sacrificing your health for success

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Now more than ever it is high priority to create new ways of getting our stuff DONE! I’m not talking about just getting through the day, but that thing that YOU are here to do, your purpose work, your service, your creative contribution, your badass business, your crazy amazing athletic endeavor. Or the way you parent and run your home, the way you show up, step up, and move through life.

Too many people sacrifice their health for success.

To many creative geniuses rely on habits that ultimately deplete their life force in order to handle the intensity of their work.
This happens on quiet small scale and big center stage levels.
The body interprets it all the same, with the biochemical toxicity of stress, the dis-ease of mis-alignment, emotional scarring…the list goes on.
It is my deep belief that not only is it time to stop operating in these ways, but find a sustainable fuel in our own body, our own energy source that amplifies your gifts, talents and skills, and actually increases your impact and makes success satisfying!

?I am currently working with women who are on a mission. Women who have a big body of work, and need a body that works. I facilitate a process that develops inner and outer strength to support the energy you need to do what you need to do!?

We use Embodied Movement practices, tailored specifically to your HERstory stored in your body to unlock your blocks, and unleash your vital vibrant energy. We tap into your cellular radiance so you emit your essence with ease.
This is part science, part practical magic, and all empowerment.??
?BENEFITS of this unique opportunity to work with me:
⭐️Move through physical, emotional, & energetic blocks holding back your creative or productive flow
⭐️Align what’s off in your life/work by uplifting your body alignment, allowing tension to fall away and your natural energy to flow
⭐️Develop an empowered body with inner & outer strength
⭐️Contagious Presence that radiates your authentic vibe & makes a powerful impact with your peeps
⭐️Increased capacity for bigger, bolder moves by decreasing anxiety and self-sabotage
⭐️Natural confidence – deep down in your muscles and bones
⭐️Shift habits and patterns from stress, strain & drain to ease, efficiency & energy
⭐️Embody & Experience the results of living your passion/purpose

We set your emotions in motion!

All this happens in a 1-1 unique-to-you crafting of body practices, emotional and energy work, techniques to re-wire your nervous system, and building a life rhythm that supports ongoing uplifting empowerment and results, set into your physical body.
There are different time-line options to suit your specific needs.

⚡️I have space for 4 new clients who want to break through old holding and movement patterns, who have a big reason to turn on their body wisdom, connect it to their conscious awareness, and make a big impact with their work in the world, fueled by their Empowered Health.⚡️

*Is this you?
*Are you curious if this may be the right thing at the right time?

You have a couple of options…

Let’s chat SOON – these client spots will fill up!
Book a complimentary time slot with me for some conscious conversation, I’ll hear your story, share more about how the work works and we’ll see if it’s a fit!
➡️Book your time to talk here: HAVE A CONSCIOUS CONVERSATION
These time slots will be open through August 30, 2016 or until the spots are filled.
?KNOW this is THE thing and ready to commit?
Email me at and I’ll get you all the details you need to get started, like the timeline options etc…!!!!
➡️You can see a little more about this work on my website here ==> EMBODY YOUR PURPOSE
Got questions? Comment below or email me me! I’m here for you 100%

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