Storing pain in the body

14159689_10153867633161188_786189546_nDear ones…

It should be the least controversial thing that your mind and body are one fluid entity of you. The beingness of you, exists, right now, in & through this body.  Your life experience  imprints ALL of you, meaning it shapes your mind and body through the filter of your emotions.


While we can look at these different layers separately, and sometimes they do operate differently, we cannot separate them completely.


Your beautiful brain, through all those intricate nerves not only send signals to your body  regarding how to function, but also RECEIVES information.  (That’s the afferent nervous system!) The sensations that come to you and through you actually dictate how you feel.



Philosopher, psychologist, and physician William James said…

I don't sing because I'm happy. I'm happy because I sing


His work, among others shows us that it is not only your mind that can change the game for you, but how you operate in your body.

The mechanisms that shape your posture, your moves, shape who you are and how you feel.

–>Research shows that you can actually boost your mood by smiling.

–>That you can literally feel more confident by standing in a confident posture.


You may recognize this if you’ve seen Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on Power Posing, or read her recent book Presence, which I highly recommend.


But what does this have to do with storing pain in your body?

Here’s the thing…we are kinesthetic beings. We are always in motion. Just like we have mental memory, we have muscle memory.  As I said above, life imprints itself on all of our layers.

Some of us relate more, feel more of this kinesthetic sense than others. I’m one of those folks.

I’ll tell you a personal story around this… 


A while back I was dealing with some pretty heavy duty anxiety, laced with panic attacks and some PTS(D) stuff.  (I put the D there so you can recognize what I’m saying, truth be told, Post Traumatic Stress ISN’T a disorder, it’s an experience.)  I tried going to therapy.  The therapist was an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  Knowing what I knew about CBT, I wanted in, I just wanted my mindset shifted, to get OUT of the experience I was having.


What happened, very quickly, the approach made my experience more intense.  Now, I know this may be par for the course, that you often have to feel things MORE before getting through them. But I sensed something else was happening.


I wasn’t being desensitized so that I could tolerate the stuff that was causing my anxiety, panic, I was being re-traumatized.


It felt like I was being lied to, like I was being told that the deep terror I was experiencing wasn’t real, and that I could and should just get over it.  


The problem was that the pain wasn’t stored in my cognitive patterns…it was stored in my body, my kinesthetic rhythm.  I needed to MOVE through it.


So I gathered my own resources and support team who spoke this language and did just that.  I’m not 100% free and clear, but flare ups are rare,  tend to pass quickly, and I have a moving tool kit to get through.


In moving through I did turn towards the pain, I didn’t avoid it or cover it up with affirmations that also felt false. BUT I did shape shift the rhythms, physically moving from the embodied pain into a deeper resilience, and from there building a soft strength.


I had been being so diligent and vigilant around this pain.  Willing myself better, focusing hard on positivity.  <–Do you hear how that sounds?  Can you feel that?  To me it felt like pressure.  And pressure didn’t move anything, it made all that pain stuck in my body.  It was exhausting.


So I went IN to my experience, with awareness, and in motion, unwound all that tension and holding, unraveled those pain patterns, and then danced a new rhythm. I built a new way of being in my body, shaped by conscious muscle use, imprinting new empowered experience into my muscle memory.


This is conscious remembering.

This is not only a very effective way to shift pain stores/stories in the body, but sometimes the ONLY way.


It is my deep belief that some of us are on a threshold right now, and it is our responsibility to do this kind of work, not only to feel better now, but to create a new way of being embodied so that we can be fully fueled to do our life’s work, to bring our gifts to the world without them getting tangled up in emotional messes locked up in our bodies.


–>Is this you?
–>Are you on that threshold?


Set your emotions in motion, using embodied movement to untangle you from whatever has your inner brilliance tied up. Move you into a sustainable energy source from within – like way deep in your cells!




If you would like to chat about this approach for your health and energy, you can go here to book a free consultation!


I’m happy to answer any questions, email me at!


This is a deep and personal story of mine.

Please hold it tenderly, and if it spoke to you, I’d love to hear what resonated, send me an email!










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