You are not broken

Loves, it’s all about *ALIGNMENT*   We FEEL broken when things are OFF. When we feel like something is missing. When we are so beaten down and exhausted we feel like we MUST be broken.   Truth is: you are resilient beyond belief.      THAT is what is broken. The belief. The feeling. The […]


Your body is designed to feel GOOD

When my main gig was straight up personal training and teaching yoga, I witnessed these amazing, under the surface, changes happening in my clients.   I would quietly watch as we went through the motions, seeing their confidence bubble up, seeing their posture and self perspective lift in front of my eyes, hearing their deep […]


What it’s like to work with me 1-1

I am SO so sooooo inspired with my current clients right now!!! They are all having major breakthroughs after having gone into their body wisdom and getting through some depths of the issues they came to me with.   I am currently taking new clients and realized that it is probably not clear what it […]


What is it going take to shift your body/emotional patterns & energy level?

There is a paradigm shift around how we operate in our bodies. There is a flip to take care from the inside out, and when you do THIS…things change…       Energy is either moving or it’s stuck, stifled, compressed.   ALIGNMENT – physical, emotional, & energetic – of your body either facilitates healthy […]



Stories get stuck in our body systems. In our neural grooves. In the way we move. In the sentences we speak and don’t even hear ourselves say.   Sometimes you can make up your mind to change them. And sometimes your silly lizard brain just keeps doing what it’s doing because that’s what it knows how […]

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