Inside Out Fitness – the secret to getting unstuck

I found these notes from my Masters Thesis today. They reminded me that I am still SO in love with my body of work. AND these particular cards speak to one of my FAVORITE pieces. They show that there is a multi-dimensionality hardwired into your body. The geek-speak of it is that there are parts […]


Cellular programing for set back or success

Somewhere in your cellular programming there is a version of you that you haven’t experienced yet. Maybe there’s longing. Maybe there’s vision. MAYBE THERE IS DEEP DARK DESPERATE DESIRE. Somewhere in the energy flowing through your muscles that makes you want to move… Somewhere inside your bones, in that magical marrow that makes life sustaining […]


Your body is designed to feel GOOD

When my main gig was straight up personal training and teaching yoga, I witnessed these amazing, under the surface, changes happening in my clients.   I would quietly watch as we went through the motions, seeing their confidence bubble up, seeing their posture and self perspective lift in front of my eyes, hearing their deep […]


Food, water, and movement

Loves, MOVEMENT is not an option. We are ALIVE because we move. In eastern traditions movement is seen in the essential category along with food and water. It is how our cells FUNCTION. If our cells aren’t functioning then that ALIVENESS is compromised.   Unfortunately, for most of us, normal daily movement doesn’t fire us […]


A revolutionary way of being in your body

This phrase, “being in your body” sounds a bit ridiculous.   Where else would you be, while you are a living human at the moment? You are here, a living human, BECAUSE you have a body.       And yet I hear this all the time in so many ways: “I don’t feel present.” “I […]

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