A body prayer for peace and love

It is my deep belief that if we care, impeccably for our own body and wellbeing, then it becomes easier to relate to and care for others. I can’t help but think that any outward act of hate or violence comes from a disconnection within.       Like many, my heart is broken over […]


Heading Deeper Into The Darkness

I believe the TOP reason women have such a frustrating time getting physical results from any health, fitness, or exercise plan is that there is such heavy weigh of stress and negative emotions buried in their bodies.   Now, this is not to say it doesn’t matter what you eat or how you move, it […]


Prayer in Motion

Like many around the world ri ght now, with all of the personal and global pain, my heart is heavy.   Before I go any further, let’s just take a moment to connect hearts.       {Image from Danielle LaPorte’s “Desire Map” which I just finished, TOTALLY worth the read!}     So, I’m […]


A message from the dark side

  How much of your time do you spend feeling stressed, frustrated, confused, angry, or in physical or emotional pain, and how much time do you spend feeling authentically happy, excited, turned on, or have a sense of inner ease?   Of course at any given moment, if we really tune in there is probably […]


Conscious Contraction

Have you been in that place where your outward life commands one thing from you, but your inner world is demanding another?  It isn’t an easy place to be.  The discord usually causes some sort of dis-ease, which could show up as confusion, exhaustion, getting sick, relentless stress and anxiety, or other things that feel […]

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