A revolutionary way of being in your body

This phrase, “being in your body” sounds a bit ridiculous.   Where else would you be, while you are a living human at the moment? You are here, a living human, BECAUSE you have a body.       And yet I hear this all the time in so many ways: “I don’t feel present.” “I […]

Turn Towards

The Usefulness of Pain – TURNING TOWARDS it

I got some personal news today that should have, or could have triggered me, revved up my anxiety and poured some big dose of sour on the parts of my heart that are still kind of broken.   But, none of that happened.     And not because I STAYED STRONG, didn’t let it bother […]

Trusting the painful process

Trusting the Painful Process ~ Remaining vulnerable & open-hearted to heal through change.

* S L I N G S H O T * The farther you pull back the farther you propel.     The further you dive into the darkness, the more bandwidth you will have for healing and more expansion into vibrant health, whole joy, sweet contentment…   When you are in a life change, […]

Raw Health

What are you NOT doing because of your health?

Think about that? Are you truly living your wildest dreams? Time, money, and health are the main reasons people don’t take action on things their heart desires.   My belief is that the health part influences the time and money part.  If you are firing on all cylinders, then your fullest potential comes into fruition. […]

Snow Headstand

Creating an effective and efficient fitness plan

There is WAY too much information out there to sort through and sift through and try this and that in order to figure out what is going to work for you to finally feel better in your body!   Information is not the problem.  You have probably already looked into many options, and tried a […]

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