The big move

The big move…where I’ve been!   Hellloooooo!  Ohmygoodness…if there’s one thing being away has shown me is that I miss connecting in conscious conversation, embodied movement, empowerment, and just all around elevation of beingness!  I am so excited to update you on what has gone on the last 3 weeks!   If you’ve been following […]


A body prayer for peace and love

It is my deep belief that if we care, impeccably for our own body and wellbeing, then it becomes easier to relate to and care for others. I can’t help but think that any outward act of hate or violence comes from a disconnection within.       Like many, my heart is broken over […]

Shine On Darling

Humble Broken Openness = LOVE

A long time ago, during a weekend long meditation retreat, one of the instructors said those 3 words…   Humble Broken Openness          This has rung in my human monkey mind for almost 20 years now.   It is sweet. And sad. And refreshing.   And the closest definition to love that […]

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