What is your minimum effective dose of exercise?

I recently had someone say about one of my workouts, “it doesn’t feel like much of a workout.”  We are coming off a generation of seeing and experiencing really long workouts.  Hour (or longer) aerobics classes, watching all of Oprah or Ellen while on the elliptical, same thing in the weight room.  Don’t get me […]


Intermittent Meditaion

I want to share with you a sweet little insight that came to me while I was tucking my younger son in tonight…     I am grateful for the practice of meditation. I often miss the days back in Baltimore when I would “sit” in community. I delighted in 45 minutes of just sitting. […]

Opening Meditation

Please enjoy the opening meditation to my first class in the series.  My gift to you. May it help you align, center, and open to possibility.     Craving a community where movement is medicine, where body practices are nourishment, not punishment? Join the discussion in my private Facebook Group e-motion HERE!  

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