Emotions & Movement (Honest and Messy)

Messy. Stuck. Blocked. Confusing. Overwhelming. Inappropriate. Unwanted. vs Flowing. True. Sensory. Moving. Connected. Resonant. Satisfying.   We humans have developed such a funky relationship with our emotions.     Over time the role of emotions has evolved.     We used to be more intuitive and use them as a useful sense, a guide, a […]


Storing pain in the body

Dear ones… It should be the least controversial thing that your mind and body are one fluid entity of you. The beingness of you, exists, right now, in & through this body.  Your life experience  imprints ALL of you, meaning it shapes your mind and body through the filter of your emotions.   While we can […]

Raw Health

What are you NOT doing because of your health?

Think about that? Are you truly living your wildest dreams? Time, money, and health are the main reasons people don’t take action on things their heart desires.   My belief is that the health part influences the time and money part.  If you are firing on all cylinders, then your fullest potential comes into fruition. […]

beach tree

Breaking through health obstacles

Why, when we try to make healthy changes, is it so hard to stick with them?       We all know we *should* be healthy, we should eat the right things and move in the right ways.  We all know the health risks.  We also know we really do feel better when we feel […]

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