Storing pain in the body

Dear ones… It should be the least controversial thing that your mind and body are one fluid entity of you. The beingness of you, exists, right now, in & through this body.  Your life experience  imprints ALL of you, meaning it shapes your mind and body through the filter of your emotions.   While we can […]


creative flow + posture & healthy cells

M’dears… I have been in rant mode recently.  Things feel intense right now. There is so much pain in the collective human body.  As empaths & intuitives, it is so easy to take this on.  This can activate the individual pain stored in your own body.  All of this is a recipe for squashing creative flow, […]

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Improve your Posture and Mood

Are you wanting a few simple ways to decrease stress and strain in your system, improve your posture, increase your energy, and uplift your mood?  I’ve got just the short & sweet little guide for you!  Enter your name and email in the box to the right to download your copy of my new free […]


Posture and Mood (and pain)

What does your body language say about you?   Your body language not only says a lot about your mood, but also molds your physical structure into various forms of misalignment which put stress and strain on the muscles and joints.  This often equals pain.  OUCH.     You are familiar with basic body language […]

with alignment comes ease

With alignment…comes ease

Here’s a secret about your body’s alignment: the source of the pain is not the source of the problem.     Let me give you an example. If your neck and shoulders hold chronic pain, likely there is misalignment of some sort there. But that misalignment is the RESULT of an issue elsewhere, likely lower, […]

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