Turn Towards

The Usefulness of Pain – TURNING TOWARDS it

I got some personal news today that should have, or could have triggered me, revved up my anxiety and poured some big dose of sour on the parts of my heart that are still kind of broken.   But, none of that happened.     And not because I STAYED STRONG, didn’t let it bother […]


Prayer in Motion

Like many around the world ri ght now, with all of the personal and global pain, my heart is heavy.   Before I go any further, let’s just take a moment to connect hearts.       {Image from Danielle LaPorte’s “Desire Map” which I just finished, TOTALLY worth the read!}     So, I’m […]


Lessons from my puppy and deer flies {plus pics of the new pup Fenway!}

We adopted a puppy!  We’ve been talking about this in my household for a while, and I can tell you, it wasn’t my idea.  I’ve been mommy to my 2 boys, many years a single mom (and even when I wasn’t my then husband was kind of like a 3rd child!), then I had my […]


A message from the dark side

  How much of your time do you spend feeling stressed, frustrated, confused, angry, or in physical or emotional pain, and how much time do you spend feeling authentically happy, excited, turned on, or have a sense of inner ease?   Of course at any given moment, if we really tune in there is probably […]

self love

Orient to Pleasure

Take self-care to a whole new level.   I know its a term we hear over and over again, and probably one that has gotten watered down. Like, obviously I care for myself.   But do you? Deeply? Do you have actual things you do that seep into your soul and nourish you? How do […]

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