unraveling – when your body tells you to slow down

I have a confession to make. 2016 has been a year of slowing down for my body.   I have let go of my workout routines that were fueling me until this year. I have been way less diligent about being consistent or getting a sweat on. I have lost quite a bit of my […]

Energy Infusion

Giving energy away – steeping in an energy infusion

“I don’t have enough energy” How many times have you said that?   It seems to be a constant struggle, having energy for what you need to do, let alone want to do.       Energy is a funny thing. Einstein said that “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is too it.” It’s physics. […]

Turn Towards

The Usefulness of Pain – TURNING TOWARDS it

I got some personal news today that should have, or could have triggered me, revved up my anxiety and poured some big dose of sour on the parts of my heart that are still kind of broken.   But, none of that happened.     And not because I STAYED STRONG, didn’t let it bother […]


Unraveling: necessary discomfort for change

  For those of you going through change, or for reflecting on when you have…or for some reference for the next time…   There can be a particular feeling that can cause a LOT of pain…   Being ungrounded, lost, disconnected.     These are super common in times of deep change.  In this most […]


Creating a new fitness routine step 1: Release

One of the most common mistakes folks make is going gung-ho on a new fitness routine, only to quit, or not get the results they want.  (Sound familiar?)   This is because you are not clearing up the old physical, emotional, and energetic patterns in your body.     And THOSE patterns continue to dominate […]

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