Effortless Sharing

Taking care of this physical body is in times of transition, and heavy emotion is a must, however it isn’t always easy.   It is quite the art and the science to follow this flow.   Take some time to pause today.  Take some deep breaths.  Get quiet.  Feel into what your body is wanting. […]


5 Ways To Detox Stress From Your Body Today

It happens to all of us…STRESS!  Whether it is the heavy load of paying the bills, those rude people who toss their complaints your way all the time, or dealing with a difficult life transition, stress can build up.  It is my mission to change the way we look at stress, and the way that […]



Because breath is both involuntary and voluntary it enables reciprocal action between these levels. There are many body and emotional situations that require different types of breathing. This variety gives us a useful tool to both gain a deeper understanding of our self and a way to affect our experience of ourself purposefully. To understand […]

Stress to Zest

Movement and Stress

Given the opportunity to move the body, to gain some control of movement, to gain access to the emotions potentially released during exercise, and time to process this, these factors can affect positively the interpretation of stress, and therefore the response to it.   When awareness is brought to the movement of the body we […]


A New Perspective on Stress

Welcome to a new perspective on Stress! I have a feeling you would like to have a new perspective on stress. Good news, the information here will give you just that. After reading this you will have a new way to act when you don’t need to re-act, and you will have a way to […]

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