The big move

The big move…where I’ve been!   Hellloooooo!  Ohmygoodness…if there’s one thing being away has shown me is that I miss connecting in conscious conversation, embodied movement, empowerment, and just all around elevation of beingness!  I am so excited to update you on what has gone on the last 3 weeks!   If you’ve been following […]

Fit In Exercise No Matter What

(Even…especially during a holiday!)     Craving a community where movement is medicine, where body practices are nourishment, not punishment? Join the discussion in my private Facebook Group e-motion HERE!  


De-stressing for Travel

Growing up I traveled a lot!  With a surfing father, we took fantastic vacations to gorgeous (and sometimes remote) surf spots.  I remember enjoying flying.  I took that love of travel on my own and toured Europe a few times, and continued to explore the caribbean.   And then I had my first child.  I […]

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