Dressing up exercise, like brussel sprouts

One of my favorite things, as you might know, is helping people really really really love moving their body.  I don’t want my clients to just get into the swing of things with exercise, I want them to really enjoy it.  See, this is the secret to creating an active lifestyle that sticks, that makes […]

Change Your Shape Change Your Life

We get stuck in postural, emotional, and mental habits that are directly related. Unlock your chronic knots, tensions, release the pain and create a body that is an environment for vibrant health.

My interview with Amber Stone

I asked Amber Stone to share her weight loss journey! It’s been almost 3 years for Amber and her love for a healthier lifestyle of losing over 50 lbs. If you’re looking for a positive change…hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration!       Craving a community where movement is medicine, where […]

Thank You 2014 – My Year In Pics

I always love doing something creative on New Years Eve.  Today I decided to make a quick video of my year in pictures.  Somehow I edited it down to just over a minute and a half! I wanted just quick snippets, so yes, a TON got left out.  (I don’t post pics of my kids […]

Fit In Exercise No Matter What

(Even…especially during a holiday!)     Craving a community where movement is medicine, where body practices are nourishment, not punishment? Join the discussion in my private Facebook Group e-motion HERE!  

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