A body prayer for peace and love

It is my deep belief that if we care, impeccably for our own body and wellbeing, then it becomes easier to relate to and care for others. I can’t help but think that any outward act of hate or violence comes from a disconnection within.       Like many, my heart is broken over […]

Permission to Slow Down

Permission to slow down

There is a place of wonder and delight that potentially exists, literally at your fingertips ALL THE TIME.   When is the last time you truly slowed your body down?         And paused your busy brain. And JUST NOTICED. Noticed the incredible myriad of sensation that is available to you. Your kinesthetic […]

Trusting the painful process

Trusting the Painful Process ~ Remaining vulnerable & open-hearted to heal through change.

* S L I N G S H O T * The farther you pull back the farther you propel.     The further you dive into the darkness, the more bandwidth you will have for healing and more expansion into vibrant health, whole joy, sweet contentment…   When you are in a life change, […]

Shine On Darling

Humble Broken Openness = LOVE

A long time ago, during a weekend long meditation retreat, one of the instructors said those 3 words…   Humble Broken Openness¬†         This has rung in my human monkey mind for almost 20 years now.   It is sweet. And sad. And refreshing.   And the closest definition to love that […]


Solstice Ritual

What are you leaving behind in the darkness?   What are you welcoming into the light?   The Winter Solstice is a powerful opportunity to look deeply into your own darkness, make some serious shifts, and expand even more brightly into the light.     One of the core principles of my work in health […]

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