The big move

20227335_10154769889301188_1047702498_nThe big move…where I’ve been!


Hellloooooo!  Ohmygoodness…if there’s one thing being away has shown me is that I miss connecting in conscious conversation, embodied movement, empowerment, and just all around elevation of beingness!  I am so excited to update you on what has gone on the last 3 weeks!


If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve moved!  I sold the home I’ve been in with my boys the last 13+ years and headed off the mountain to the capital region of New York to live with my love.  We combined 2 homes into one which was a LOT of work.  And honestly, I’m still surprised at how smoothly it went.  We took 2 days to move her place and 2 days to move mine.  We were in the new home for 2 days before I took off on a quick turn around trip to Denver, CO for a Nutrigenomics business conference (my current obsession!)  Only to return not to NY but to NH to join her annual extended family vacation for a week.  


It was wild to uproot, touch down long enough to unload, and take off again.  We were (almost) completely unplugged in NH as cell service and internet were super spotty.  


Now back at the new home and creating a new groove.  As you know, I made some intentional decisions around my work to align with this move.  I said goodbye to long time local clients in Vermont and cut back on how many Embodied Movement clients I had.  I knew this move and transition would be a LOT – and it was.


I came home from Denver with a sinus infection (flying gets me almost every time!), which my kids ended up getting from me, and hit some Real Estate snags with the sale of the VT home which are trying to trigger major stress reactions in me.  


These intense moments in life always remind me how NECESSARY embodied movement practices are.  I’m still experiencing difficulty – BUT I’m not being TAKEN by it. I’m not spinning out into the craze that it could be.  


That’s the thing…LIFE HAPPENS.  I was just telling a client this morning, I don’t think the point is to eradicate negativity, fear, stress etc. Those are energies of life just like joy, happiness, humor…I think the most powerful thing we CAN do is to have conscious reactions to whatever our days bring.


Our default setting as humans is reactive.  Action = Reaction.  And because life is messy, the way we react is also often messy.  Crappy stuff happens from a young age and that information gets stored in your nervous system which are the pathways of those reactions.  So automatic reactions are programmed based on crappy data.  


This feels horrible.  We end up not feeling like ourselves, or not liking how we operate.  This definitely takes a toll on your health.  

The good news is that this can be re-programmed.  With new data you can set conscious re-action patterns.  I’ve done it myself and THIS is what I teach my clients.  


So now I’m using all my own tricks of the trade. I’m working my own work as I build this new life rhythm with intention.  


I am being careful to notice my energies and emotions.

I am being mindful of the thoughts I’m having.

I am moving my body in ways that are aligned with this unique moment of recovering from being sick, putting out a ton of energy for the actual move, and desiring to up my own health game.


I wouldn’t know how to do that without Embodied Movement techniques.

For more on these techniques click HERE




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