The new approach to fitness resolutions

IMG_4593As a personal trainer it would drive me crazy to see the January influx in the gym.  While I could celebrate that all these folks made a decision to take better care of their incredible human body, I knew that most of them would fall to the naturally built in way your body responds to change.  And the thing is, this mechanism that makes you quit all too easily is actually helpful, and surmountable.  Let me explain…


When you decide you’re going to exercise, or eat better, or start a new healthy habit, you get a jolt of inner excitement.  This comes with a hormonal cocktail that give you all the juice you need to get yourself going. You feel really great about your decision, you blast through any preparations needed to get moving, you are all set and good to go!  This isn’t invisible energy, it’s bio-chemistry.  


You make your initial moves fueled by this juice. However this hormonal cocktail is not sustainable.  It’s not meant to be.  You’d literally go crazy all hopped up on this stuff all the time.  Your body is wise and knows this, so it tones down the dose, but with it goes all that motivation.  You are now left to other devices to keep you going, and most of us don’t tap another resource.  We just don’t feel up for it.  


THIS is where you actually have all the leverage.  

Tap another resource and you are part of the 1% that keeps going and makes the change that makes all the difference.


So what is this other resource once the hormonal cocktail runs dry?


Well, this isn’t a single other resource, it’s a whole other cocktail of fuel for you.


This is a composition of your connection to the vision you have of the direction you want to go, a tap into your personal empowerment, support from someone who can hold the line when your grip gets weak, and riding the hormonal waves.


It is helpful to look at this composite resource in individual facets, though they cannot truly be separated in experience.  Over the next few days I’ll be breaking this down to help set you up for a January that could really change the game for how you feel in your body, and how satisfied you are in the process of making changes.  


For now, chew on this little illumination – the new approach to holding to your health (and fitness) resolutions, intentions, goals, or desires is knowing that when you start to loose steam or resist that THAT is when your body, your neural grooves are adapting to the new way.  Knowing that is often enough fuel to get you through the low feeling.


How does this resonate for you?
Have you been through this before?
How are you looking ahead to how you want to feel in your body in the coming year(s)?


I want to know! Comment below and tell me what your plans are body wise for the new year so I know to support the tribe!

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