The Usefulness of Pain – TURNING TOWARDS it

Turn TowardsI got some personal news today that should have, or could have triggered me, revved up my anxiety and poured some big dose of sour on the parts of my heart that are still kind of broken.


But, none of that happened.



And not because I STAYED STRONG,

didn’t let it bother me,

or distracted myself…


I believe it is because I hung out in pain.


For a good steady while.


Here’s the thing about pain…IT’S A MESSENGER.

We know this, but do we know what to DO with that message?


Like, if you got a voicemail that said, can you please pick up some apples?

You would know what to do.


But what the message of pain – whether it is heartbreak, joint pain, or muscle tension – is trying to tell you may not be as clear.


So it takes a commitment to awareness, developing of sensitivity to your SELF, and super duper exquisite self care so you stay fortified for the process…because it isn’t always pretty.


In fact, if it IS “put together” “composed” “strong” then it’s probably not tracing the root of the pain, which is where CHANGE can occur…


Here’s a message I wrote to my peeps in the EMPOWERED HEALTH EXPERIENCE event:


Have you heard this story?
When you soothe symptoms, you are just turning off the alarm, not putting out the fire…


At this point, we (meaning the conscious community here!) know this. BUT STILL, we want to feel better, like YESTERDAY!


So how do you navigate that? How do you know when to soothe a symptom because it really freaking SUCKS, and when to stay steady in the intensity and move INTO the root cause?


Short answer is…
there is no short answer
it’s different person to person
and situation to situation…


For example, I am a STAY STEADY person, a “STRONG” person, and enduring, hold it together when things get TOUGH person, and if you were around in Feb for *Thrive Through Change* you know I’m coming off a super intense breakup which flipped some major switches in me, and I just COULDN’T BE STRONG. (I’ll come back to that)


Basically, if you can safely do so, whatever pain or discomfort you are feeling is a MESSAGE about something in your body/system/heart/life that needs attention.


Follow the sensation of it.
If you can trace that sensation to it’s ROOT 
meaning the message, or as I like to say, the PEARL OF WISDOM



(not the route of pain/strain/ or whatever symptom you were having)



So these situations – and they’re not all easy, some take a LONG TIME to figure out, (and by figure out I don’t mean mentally – I mean shifting that body pattern) And some resolve quickly.




*Don’t get caught up in the story, you don’t always have to make mental sense of it to achieve resolution


*Your molecules matter – these body patterns occur when something is so stressed and strained it stops functioning normally, the molecules operate differently – you are looking to bring that back to normal/optimal function


*Have patience, and also expect miracles – it’s a paradox I know, but that’s the beauty.



Incremental small changes work wonders over time. It doesn’t satisfy the immediate gratification many of us crave, and it does run us the risk of falling into inertia, but if you can be FUELED by that compassion, you have GREAT opportunity for change!


Sending you TONS of LOVE if you are IN IT and ON THE PAIN JOURNEY!



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where body practices are nourishment, not punishment?

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