the value of being present in your body

I’m working with a few women this week who have some very specific needs, and have come to me for support because they are fed up with spinning in circles, having done a ton of work to get where they are and feeling SO stuck and just KNOW that their issues are stuck in their tissues.

As I was listening to their stories and feeling into what would be of most service, and how their situations integrated with the work that I do, I decided to look back on some client notes, and some of the research I’ve done and create a list of the value that my clients receive.


When I stood back and looked at this list, I was stopped in my tracks.


See, coming from the fitness and even the yoga world, there has been so much focus on “results”, and those results were often measured in pounds lost, strength gained, or hamstring flexibility (did someone say downward dog?!)


While these are super valuable, the reason I do what I do is because of the deeper layers, what’s going on under the surface. So from this deeper point of view, I share with you my list. It’s a work in progress, and it’s definitely not finite, but it feels like a valuable creative process, and I’m happy to share it with you!



Value my clients receive:


-Setting emotions in motion

-Developing an Empowered Body (to support your big/badass creative work

-Releasing pain – physical, emotional, & energetic without retraumatizing

-Rewiring nervous system to operate in Empowered Health

-Increase your impact – because your aligned body is on board

-Live into the thought leader, trail blazer, change maker you are

-Release creative, emotional, and physical blocks

-Contagious Presence

-Resetting patterns and habits to move you (out of inertia)

-Undeniable confidence

-Increased energy to fuel your unique muse

-Capacity for bigger bolder moves in life

-Stop self sabotaging that keeps you moving backwards

-Inner and outer strength, flexibility, and resillience

-Embody your purpose and passion to create living results


What are we doing?

-Resetting old patterns stored in the layers of the body – physical, emotional, energetic – making way for:

-Authentic Beingness

-Purpose Work

-Creative Thinking

-A body of work, or personal mission to come through

-Unhooking from old patterns, stuff that isn’t yours or no longer serves



Potential Results:

-Feeling at home in your body – embodiment

-Ease around and resolution of health issues

-Increased energy, vibrancy, and vitality

-Decreased systemic and experienced stress

-Decreased tension

-Release from triggers – not from coping or dulling the senses, but from re-routing the triggered pathways in the body

-Shape shifting the body – this could be in the form of weight, muscle tone, flexibility, pain reduction, posture improvement, etc.

-Dissolving blocks that keep you stuck

-Creating new neuro-muscular pathways, emotional habits, and energetic support to nourish and sustain your upgraded, lived body



Now, if any of this buzzed in your body, I’d LOVE to share more!

I’m currently booking complimentary consultations to discuss this work further and to see if it is a fit for what you are going through in your body.



If your sparks started to sparkle, you can book a time to talk here: Schedule a Consultation with Jessie



As always, if you have questions, or want to share your story or reactions to this post, just comment here or send me an email at!



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