Unraveling: necessary discomfort for change


UnravelingFor those of you going through change, or for reflecting on when you have…or for some reference for the next time…


There can be a particular feeling that can cause a LOT of pain…


Being ungrounded, lost, disconnected.



These are super common in times of deep change.  In this most recent mega-shift I had a solid month when I felt completely undone. Honestly it was scary.  I just wanted some sense of togetherness, some sense of traction, but nope…I could feel it in my body…my nervous system was frazzled, my thoughts were all over the place, my emotions were so consuming and swirly.


I was literally dizzy and confused.  This particular time was fairly extreme, but even milder cases like this can be very uncomfortable and concerning.


Because of the discomfort, it is easy to resist times like this, to want them to change, BADLY want them to change.  It’s easy to fight them and try to force them to be otherwise. Dive into work, or project, or person…some other entity that can be your anchor.

This may give you something or someone to hold on to, but it may also take you away from the profound process of deep transformation…


Which is the GIFT of the unraveling.


When you are wound so tightly around deep wounds, stuffed old toxic emotions, the patterns that keep you in pain cannot change, they MUST follow that flow, there is nowhere else to go.


You must loosen the knots, sometimes unwind your threads completely to weave yourself anew.

I hope that these words open up that space, even just a bit.


I believe the more steady we can get in our capacity to really BE in these uncomfortable places, the more capacity we have for healing, growth, and our personal evolution, LIVING our joyful, authentic selves.


Get comfortable with your SELF. Best action step you can take today. Get honest about where you’re not. Let go of any resistance or shame around that, it’s your life experience. THAT acceptance…THAT is getting comfortable being uncomfortable, which gives you…wait for it…

*C O M F O R T* with your SELF.




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