unraveling – when your body tells you to slow down

I have a confession to make. 2016 has been a year of slowing down for my body.


I have let go of my workout routines that were fueling me until this year. I have been way less diligent about being consistent or getting a sweat on. I have lost quite a bit of my strength. I have been unraveling. Here’s why…


At the end of 2015 I embarked on a deep inquiry. Something felt OFF in my life, I could feel it in my body and I could no longer ignore the pull in my heart. I used Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map book and workbook to help me discover how I truly wanted to FEEL. When I uncovered some deep truths and fully committed to aligning my life’s action steps with those personal truths, everything started to change.


Here’s what it’s meant for my BODY…


It mean’t I had to do some UNRAVELING. Restrictive and sabotaging patterns from my past were stored in my nervous system, they were being reinforced and repeated with every move I made.


I had spent years building the health, flexibility, resiliency, and physique that I had. I had a dedicated yoga, meditation, dance, and fitness rhythm. And I let it all go.


Now, I’m not being a complete slug. But I HAVE softened quite a bit. I’ve lost muscle tone, my belly is a bit rounder. I don’t feel my fittest.


But what I do feel is a deep release, and a welcomed relief. I had to get down to these layers, drop those physical patterns that were holding form to a flow of emotional habits in order to rebuild.


And NOW, m’dears…I’m feeling the spark and sparkle of Empowered Health. I’m wanting to move in new ways, and I can feel that those old patterns just don’t exist in my body systems anymore. What a flippin cool sensation!


Here’s the thing…most of us skip over this step. The unravelling.


14875201_10154025235701188_1888878607_nThis step is different for everyone, and different at various times in our lives.


It is also different than complacency, than laziness.


It is a bit indulgent, and honestly, for me, a type A go-getter, it was totally awkward, but because I’m super in tune with my body’s needs, I KNEW it was NON-NEGOTIABLE.




So, I just wanted to tell this little story in case YOU are in an unraveling of your own, so you know it’s ok, it’s part of a very intricate and wise body process.


And…if you are in a shift, if you are craving aligned feelings in your body and life, if you are tired of spinning your wheels and just want to know what to do next, how to move so that you don’t hit the same emotional walls and you DO achieve actual physical results (like less stress, more vibrant energy, less pain, more resilience!) then we need to talk!


I offer a complimentary consultation to discover where your body systems are locked into old loops, and to create a unique-to-you plan of action to unravel and rebuild!


Sound exciting?!?! I thought so! You can book your free consultation here: Schedule a chat with Jessie!


I can’t wait to see what powerful shifts await on the other side of unravelling!


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